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It is no secret that football is the most popular form of sport worldwide. Footballers are some of the highest-paid athletes as a result. They earn tons of money through sponsorship, transfer value, multi-year contracts, and endorsements. Even the boots they wear during a game are also a form of business. Let’s check out some of the most expensive football boot deals to this date below.

Almost all top footballers wear brand boots. These boots work as a form of advertisement for the related brand. As such, footballers often contract with various sportswear brands to advertise their boots in games.

List of Top-10 Most Expensive Football Boot Deals

Rank Footballer Name Club Brand Contract Duration Contract Worth
1 Neymar Jr. PSG Puma Multi-year £400 million
2 Lionel Messi PSG Adidas Life-time £1 billion
3 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Nike Life-time £1 billion
4 Kylian Mbappe PSG Nike 2029 £140 million
5 Gareth Bale Real Madrid Adidas Multi-year £60 million
6 Mario Balotelli Adana Demirspor Puma 2024 £50 million
7 Antonie Griezmann Athletico Madrid Puma 2025 £35 million
8 Paul Pogba Manchester United Adidas 2024 £30 million
9 Marco Veratti PSG Nike 2027 £25 million
10 Mohamed Salah Liverpool FC Adidas Multi-year £25 million

The Big Three Football Boot Deals

#1. Neymar Jr. | Puma | £23 million

In 2020, Neymar moved from Nike to Puma. The contract was one of the biggest boot contracts in history. There he made a multi-year deal with Puma for £400 million. This suggests he will earn around £23 to £24 million a year from Puma till the contract ends.

The length of this contract hasn’t been revealed yet. But the worth is revealed to be a whooping £400 million. This is the biggest boot deal in football history.

#2. Lionel Messi | Adidas | £18 million

The Argentine legend Messi is currently playing as a forward for League-1 club Paris Saints-Germain. He signed a boot contract with Adidas back in 2016. The contract extent was a lifetime. This means he earns annually £18 million from Adidas.

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Messi is also the first footballer with his line of boots. He released a sub-brand of boots and sports accessories via Adidas titled “Adidas Messi.” It contains popular series such as X Speedflow, Nemeziz, etc.

#3. Cristiano Ronaldo | Nike| £15 million

The respected Portuguese legend Ronaldo is currently serving as the forward for Premier League club Manchester United. He is also the second-highest-paid sportsman by Nike. Nike partnered with Ronaldo for a lifetime with a £1 billion payment.

Ronaldo receives £15 million yearly from his contract with Nike. He is the brand face of this sports brand, along with Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He also released his Nike-based sportswear collection titled CR7. The lineup contains his custom Mercurial Superfly, SuperRep, and Air Max boots.


Football Boots are one of the essential factors for a footballer. A high-grade quality boot can boost a player’s performance while giving him comfort while playing. So, boot brands constantly utilize various factors and gimmicks to promote their line-ups via players. This helps players extend their payment through endorsement.

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