Mike Tyson Punches
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It’s never a good idea to mess with a world heavyweight champion. An air passenger understands the lesson after Mike Tyson put bruises on his face on Wednesday at the San Francisco International Airport.

Last night something crazy happened at the San Francisco International Airport. Mike Tyson was on the plane travelling from San Francisco to Florida. As the biggest celebrity in boxing, he has fans all around the USA and other parts of the world. Tyson was waiting in his seat to fly off the plane and minding his own business.

A fan of Tyson was seating right behind Tyson’s seat. The fan was kinda a fan that we call a toxic fan. All the celebrity has this kinda toxic fan base. This type of supporter most of the time creates problems for the team or for the person. But one has no control over choosing his fan base.

Anyway, when Mike Tyson was seated in his seat, the fan from behind his seat started to make annoying comments and conversation. The harasser was literally seeing that Mike isn’t in the mood and surely not interested to talk with him. But he kept trying to talk and annoying Mike.

Well, things didn’t go well as the fan thought. After a few minutes of enduring annoying comments and irritating noise, the former world heavyweight champion lost his temper. And Tyson is a fighter, anger and rage in his blood. Messing with such a person is a bad idea.

After losing his temper Tyson turnover and started to throw punches towards his harasser. He left bruises and blood on the face of that toxic fans.

The fan has a friend who was seated a few seats back from Tyson and his friends were filming the whole thing. In the video, we can see that the cameraman even warranted his friends not to disturb Mike. When Mike started punching his friend, the cameraman came up and stop the fight.

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At first, Mike did all the things a celebrity should do. When Mike first came into the plane, the fan asked for a selfie and Mike took a photo with him. Then, the fan asked questions and Mike answered calmly. But when the fan reportedly annoyed Mike with questions then the problem happened.

After punching the fan Mike got off the plane and the medical team came to help the passenger. The passenger later went to the police for filling a complain.

Some people are claiming that the fan did all that purposely and it was planned. A video clip like this will surely bring a lot of viewers to his channel.

Mike Tyson’s warnings to his fans:

It’s not the first someone random from the public got punches from Mike. Mike Tyson admitted that at a time if someone asks for his autographs he punches them.

In 2021, Tyson told Yahoo Finance, “My life was just miserable, I was out of control. I was fighting with everybody. If someone asked me for an autograph, I’d punch them in the face.”

Mike Tyson is very relaxed now after his experiment with cannabis and other drugs.

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