The closer to November, the more public attention is focused on the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup – the first to be held not in the summer or even in late spring, but in the cold season: from November 20 to December 18.

The tournament draw is long over, so bookmakers like Mostbet have been offering both long-term bets on tournament results and bets on individual matches for a long time. Bookmakers offer to determine the outcome of each group: who will win it and who will advance to the playoffs.

Group A

Group A includes the hosts of the tournament – Qatar – the Netherlands, Senegal, and Ecuador. The clear favorite of the group is the European team, while the second most capable team to qualify for the playoffs seems to be the Senegalese team – in February 2022, they won the Africa Cup of Nations.

Qatar will give their all in the group to advance to the next stage of the tournament, as will Ecuador. Both of these teams are predictable underdogs, who are most likely to leave the tournament at the end of the group stage.

Group B

Group A includes the USA, Iran, Wales, and England. The chances of all three English-speaking teams to reach the playoffs seem greater than the chances of the Iranians. Taking the first place by the British is almost not discussed, while the second place, in general, can be taken by anyone. The most likely contenders look like the Americans, although by and large this is the group where surprises are not expected only from the vice-champions of Europe.

Group C

Group C has group favorites Argentina, as well as Poland, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. Since the first place is likely to be taken by the team of Lionel Messi, the Poles and Mexicans will have to fight for the second place. The Saudis simply don’t have enough roster depth to compete with their three groupmates, so there should be a minimum of surprises in this group as to who comes last.

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Group D

Group D includes Australia, France, Tunisia, and Denmark. The reigning world champions will almost certainly make it to the playoffs, with the Danes following suit. The Australians and Tunisians, along with their fans, clearly understand their fate in this group – they can only compete with each other for third place, but even the likelihood of one of them taking second place in the table is low.

Group E

Group E includes Spain, Germany, Japan, and Costa Rica. Two of the three previous world champions, the Spaniards and the Germans, will almost completely take the first two places, and there should be no intrigue in this group about reaching the playoffs. The only question is who will take what specific place. The same goes for the Japanese and Costa Ricans.

Group F

Belgium, Croatia, Canada, and Morocco ended up in Group F. From it, the first two teams, the medalists of the 2018 World Cup, will most likely be in the playoffs. Canadians and Moroccans, however, look capable of imposing a fight in one of the matches, but they hardly have enough points to get into the top 2.

Group G

Group G includes Brazil, Cameroon, Serbia, and Switzerland. The participation of the Brazilians in the playoffs can be spoken of as a fait accompli, so the main question remains who will pass the group stage after them. The three remaining teams are competitive, although a fight between European teams for second place seems the most likely.

Group H

In the last group with the letter H, Portugal, Ghana, South Korea and Uruguay will meet. The top Portuguese team with Cristiano Ronaldo is the first contender for participation in the ⅛ finals, the Uruguayan national team is the second. The chances of the Ghanaians and South Koreans to get out are not at all great.

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