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FC Barcelona is the place where Lionel Messi builds up his career. The club is his real heart and everything. This is where Messi becomes a legendary player and earned the fame of best player of all time. But we all know that his relation with Barca wasn’t going well. Especially with Barca’s then-president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Messi even called him a “liar” and also said that, “making things up as they go along and plugging holes for years”. From this horrible relation with Barca’s president, everyone thought that probably we won’t see Messi anymore wearing Barcelona’s jersey. But is that really gonna happen?

Well, Messi doesn’t let down Barca in the time they need him most. He agreed to sign the contract again with Barca. This time the deal is for 5 years. So, we will see Messi again in Barcelona’s dress. Though Messi had to accept a huge wage cut for the contract he takes the deal. The deal is final but the singing is still unofficial. Soon every process will be officially done.

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Fabrizio Romano post that on his Twitter that, “Lionel Messi will stay at Barcelona, it’s never been in doubt and gonna be announced soon.

#FCB PSG never had any real chance this summer. NO talks. Only Barça for Leo.

The new contract will be until June 2026 instead of 2023 to help the club – as @ferrancorreas reported.”

Lionel Messi’s previous deal and problems with Barcelona:

Messi was always an international hero and the best footballer to everyone. But his recent victory in the Copa America tournament brought him enormous fame. There was so much talk about Messi that he can’t win any international trophy with stuff like that. But Lionel Messi proves everyone wrong and won his first senior trophy with his national team. Now, he is on vacation with his family. Soon the prince of football will return for the next season and the world cup.

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Lionel Messi Barcelona
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Messi’s deal with Barca was for 20 years. This long-term relationship came to an end on June 30. Now, they have made another deal for 5 years, and hopefully, we will see him more.

Lionel Messi’s relationship wasn’t quite good with the president of Barca, Bartomeu. Messi first expressed his desire to leave Barca after defeating Bayern Munich in the Champions League by 8-2 goals. Anyway, after returning Joan Laporta everything becomes fine again.


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