When Manchester City Became Premier League Champions

Manchester City was founded in 1880 by Arthur Connell and his daughter Anna Connell. Manchester City’s playing ground is the City of Manchester Stadium and the Manchester City team is known as The Sky Blues or Man City.

Overall, Manchester City has received a total of six FA Cup trophies, eight League titles, eight League Cups, and one European Winners Cup.  Their first Premier League title was in 2011/2012. Since then, Manchester City have won many more Cups and performed in a variety of different matches.

Manchester City VS Queens Park Rangers

During the year of the 2011- 2012 Premier League season, Manchester City received their first Premier League win. Manchester City played at the City of Manchester Stadium against the Queens Park Rangers.

Manchester City won 3-2 with Sergio Agüero as the man of the match scoring at the very last minute of the match. Pablo Zabaleta was the first to score a goal for Manchester City at 39 minutes followed by Djibril Cissé scoring for QPR at the 48th minute.

James Mackie scored a goal for QPR in the 66th minute of the game. Not long after, Edin Džeko was next to score a goal for Manchester City during extra time (92 minutes). With both teams having a score of 2-2 it was almost time for a penalty shoot-out.

However, in the last minute of the game, Sergio Agüero saved the match from resorting to penalties by scoring a goal in the 94th minute!

Around 48,000 people watched this game and it was most definitely worth it as Manchester City won their very first Premier League match.

About the Match

The game started off at 3 pm in front of over 48,000 people and is considered one of the best Premier League moments in history. When the whistle was blown and the match ended, Manchester City fans invaded the pitch with joy to celebrate the win.

Throughout the match, Manchester City had a total of 4 fouls whereas QPR had 7. Each team received one yellow card and believe it or not, Serio Agüero received his yellow card for excessively celebrating! That’s right, Sergio Agüero took off his shirt as he celebrated which resulted in a yellow card.

Manchester City had a higher ball percentage of 81.3% whereas QPR only had a total of 18.7% possession rate. Manchester City made a total of 44 shots of which only 15 were on target. However, Queens Park Rangers had a total of 3 shots in which all 3 were on target.

Throughout the game, there were a total of three substitutions for Manchester City. Yaya Touré swapped for Nigel de Jong, Gareth Barry swapped for Edin Dzeko and Carlos Tévez swapped for Mario Balotelli.

Manchester City’s 2012 Premier League Line-up

Manchester City won their first Premier League match 11 years ago. The game was intense and extremely close, however, extra time was the perfect solution, especially for Sergio Agüero. Why is this? As discussed previously Sergio Agüero scored a goal in the last minute of the game in the 94th minute!

This was a memorable moment for Manchester City fans as it was their first Premier League win and the most intense game that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Manchester City did not fail to disappoint, scoring 3-2 against QPR! Read on for the line-up of players that made history for Manchester City!

The Manchester City 2012 Premier League team was made up of 11 players that included Joe Hart as the goalkeeper. The defenders were Vincent Kompany from Belgium, Pablo Zabaleta from Argentina, Joleon Lescott from England, and Gaël Clichy who is from France.

Samir Nasri, Gareth Barry, David Silva, and Yaya Touré all played as midfielders with Sergio Agüero and Carlos Teves and attackers (forwards).

A Match to Remember

The Manchester City match against QPR was most certainly one to remember. Manchester City was off to a great start with Pablo Zabaleta scoring the first goal for them in the 39th minute. However, it was not long after that Djibril Cissé scored for QPR in the 48th minute leaving Manchester City with a sense of doubt and worry.

There was a lot of pressure within the ground as Manchester City were expected to beat QPR. Although Manchester City had experienced players, the scenario was new to the club. James Mackie was next to score by throwing himself at the ball and heading it straight into the goal in the 66th minute.

This left Manchester City fans upset and in disbelief. This was due to small mistakes being made by the Manchester City team that could have easily been avoided. There was no marking in the box that allowed James Mackie to score.

When James Mackie scored the second goal for QPR Sergio Agüero made a comment saying ‘We are in big trouble’. This goes to show that not only were the Manchester City fans in disbelief, but the team was too as they realised they could lose the game.

However, just when Manchester City started to doubt themselves, Edin Dzeko scored during extra time in the 92nd minute. With just three minutes left, Sergio Agüero decided Manchester City were winning the game. Two minutes later Sergio Agüero scored a breathtaking goal by passing the ball past three QPR players before scoring the winning goal of the game.

Sky sports commentator Martin Tyer immediately shouts ‘Agüerooooo’ which will forever be associated with the game!

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