Why Is Timo Werner Thriving In RB Leipzig

It is safe to say that few footballers have had a breakout season quite like Timo Werner. The German striker played wonderful football for RB Leipzig in his breakout season, scoring the amazing amount of 34 goals in 39 appearances across all competitions. This is exactly why Chelsea signed him back in 2020.

Werner started his career with VfB Stuttgart, making his professional debut for the club in 2013. He scored eight goals in his first season as a professional, but it was his second season when he really began to make a name for himself. Werner scored 21 goals in all competitions as Stuttgart won promotion back to the Bundesliga.

Since then, Werner has gone from strength to strength. He has established himself as one of the most prolific strikers in the Bundesliga, scoring over 20 goals in each of his last three seasons. His performances have seen him earn a regular place in the German national team, for whom he has scored 11 times in 27 appearances.

When he signed for Chelsea, Timo had the ambition to do wonderful things with the Blues. And, when you look at the titles he has one, he did. Timo won the Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup with Chelsea. But, he struggled with his individual performances. That is why the German decided to go back to RB Leipzig after just two seasons in London. And, guess what, he is playing his best football again. Today, we are going to discuss Timo Werner and show you why he is thriving at RB Leipzig.

He Is Not The Main Option In Front

Truth be told, Timo Werner was not the main option in front when he played for Chelsea, but back then he simply did not have a good striker in front of him. That is why people expected him to score all the goals. Timo did wonderful things for the Chelsea team and he always gave his all when he was on the pitch. That is why the fans loved him. But, that style of play ruined his confidence when it came to finishing.

People at betting sites uk list were not brave enough to guess when Timo will score in the Premier League. At RB Leipzig, he is not the main option in front. The main striker is Christopher Nkunku and that lowers the pressure for Timo Werner. He is now more relaxed and that is why he is simply scoring every chance he gets. Playing for Chelsea implies pressure and Timo simply could not play in those conditions. Also, he has proven himself at RB Leipzig and that makes things easier for him.

He Loves Bundesliga

One of the reasons why Timo Werner plays well for RB Leipzig is the fact that he simply loves Bundesliga. This is a completely different competition than the Premier League. In Bundesliga, there are no teams that are playing defensively. Sure, they are good at defense, but they are not defensive teams. They love to attack even the best teams in the league and that leaves enough space for counter attacks. Timo loves that kind of football and that is why he thrives. Back in the Premier League, he, and the rest of the team, struggled with creativity against defensive teams. That is not the case in Bundesliga and that is why he is scoring more goals.

He Loves It At Home

It is safe to say that Timo is a wonderful guy. He had a lot of respect for London and English culture. But, it is easy to see that he loves being at home. He better communicates with his German teammates and the coaching staff in Bundesliga. This is also one of the reasons why he always played well for his national team. Timo in Germany is a different player.

Many players think that Timo is one of the best strikers in football today. He is currently thriving at RB Leipzig and his national team. He could play an important role at the World Cup for Germany.

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