Australian Open and PGA Championship Postponed Until 2022
Photo: PGA of America

Australian Open and PGA Championship has been canceled and the organizer sets a new date for the tournaments.

Australian Open and PGA Championship are the biggest events of Golf. Players from all around the world come here to prove their worth. The tournaments bring thrill and chill to millions of people. All over the world, people wait a whole year to see the Australian Open and PGA Championship.

Among all the other golf contests these two are the most valuable and consider the most honorable golf competition. These two events help golf players to full fill their dream.

So, all the players were ready for the upcoming PGA Championship and the Australian Open. They were taking preparation for the big event. But suddenly dream of every player torn apart cause of recent shocking news. The cancellation news hurt pretty badly every golf lover. But there wasn’t much choice left so the board had to make that cancellation.

The PGA Championship 2021 was scheduled to play from 2 December to 5 December at the Royal Queensland. But now the tournament will take place from January 13 to 16, 2022.

And the Australian Open 2021 was fixed to play at Sydney Golf Club on November 25-28. Now date moved to the next year. The event will take place in 2022 January/February.

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Why organizer postponed the Australian Open and the PGA Championship?

The main reason for postponing the tournaments is the Covid-19 situation. The organizer is very much concerned about the current pandemic state. So, they are trying to avoid every possible event that could cause disturbance of the current healing condition. Though Australia doesn’t stop their inner country tournaments like AFL, Crickets, etc.

Gavin Kirkman, the boss of PGA Australia said about the cancellation, “These decisions are not taken lightly when we are talking about our flagship tournaments that are playing opportunities for our members.

But as much as the number of COVID-19 cases is a big concern, it’s also the quarantine requirements that make it difficult to run golf tournaments.”

He also said, “But as much as the number of COVID-19 cases is a big concern, it’s also the quarantine requirements that make it difficult to run golf tournaments.”

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Players reaction to that matter:

After the cancellation of these events, players reaction wasn’t friendly. They are very much depressed for sitting in the lockdown for that long time. They wanna return to the course again, they wanna shot balls into the sky. Plus, the players are having so many problems too for tournaments not being held, like the financial problem.

A six-time PGA Tour of Australasia winner said, ‘It’s very frustrating when you live in one place with a policy and you’re operating also in another place with a different policy. That made it very difficult this year. The US and the UK are seemingly learning how to live with the virus now and it seems like making some progress.

There are probably still some ups and downs to come but seems like really moving forward. I find it frustrating that Australia is maybe lagging behind at the moment and have very strict measures over the virus.”


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