Bryson DeChambeau regrets US Open bad breaks
Photo: Sporting News

At the US Open, Bryson DeChambeau came into the lead Sunday afternoon after a series of unfortunate events, putting up a good fight whilst being inches away from ace-ing the par-3 eighth hole.

The day didn’t go well for him, Bryson adds, he didn’t have much under control. These bad breaks were lamenting for him.

Bad things after bad things went his way. After playing two little shots next to green, he messed up on 13. DeChambeau bogeyed holes 11 and 12, then slid twice while playing the 13th hole, finishing with a double-bogey-7.

“I slipped twice on 13. I mean, that was really weird. I don’t know what happened. But that’s the game,” said DeChambeau, who also had a snowman on the par-4 17th and dropped from a tie for the lead to a tie for 26th on the back nine.

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DeChambeau appeared to struggle with the analytical side of the random nature of the game late Sunday. Bryson points out that he knows the bounces, both good and poor, are part of the game.

“Unfortunately, had bad break after bad break happen. I played two little shots next to the green, both weird lies, both trying to get cute with them and messed up on 13.”

DeChambeau described golf as a sport with a major element of luck. Even an amateur can’t always hit good shots.

“Nobody understands, at least if you play professional golf, major championship golf. A lot of it is luck,” DeChambeau explained, “I can’t tell you how many times I hit shots this week into bad lies and good lies, and they played out 50-50 this week. I caught the bad lies in the back nine today.”

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Afterward, a reporter questioned him how his final round at Torrey Pines went “off the rails” so rapidly, DeChambeau was keen to point out that it was mainly out of his hands.

“I didn’t get off the rails at all. It’s golf. People will say I did this or did that, and it’s just golf, “ he said. “I’ve had plenty of times where I hit it way worse than today and I won. It’s just one of those things where I didn’t have the right breaks happen at the right time.”

Bryson, who closed on 77, said “I could have easily gotten under 70 today” he let out a sigh, “you know, wasn’t really confident with the golf swing and just got a little unlucky with the rough and a couple of other places”.

The reporter asked how long it would take for him to shake this event off. DeChambeau replied, “Right now, I don’t even care”. “It’s frustrating at the moment when it’s happening,” he said, “but afterwards, I don’t really care, I’ve already won it.”

Bryson admits that he changed a lot regarding his attitude. His answer demonstrated that he could take a loss.

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Next US Open venue

Next year’s U.S. Open will be held at Brookline, Massachusetts, home of perhaps the most important event in American golf history.

The third major of the season will be held for the fourth time at the Massachusetts site.


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