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The Australian golf star Cameron Smith knows very well how to surprise his opponents and fans. His appearance in the Master 2022 has created huge excitement in the heart of all golf lovers, and it also raised fear in his opponent’s minds. Smith has been giving amazing performances since the beginning of the tournament. He is now in the final round and the favorite player to win the tournament.

Follow Him at The Masters

Smith is planning something big for his career; he could make it possible, then history would have to rewrite. Before taking part in the Master’s, Smith played his last game in “The Players”. The Players is considered the unofficial fifth major golf tournament. “The Players” tournament is also as hard as the Masters. All the world’s best players got their invitation to play at the Players.

And Smith put everyone behind and won The Players Championship. He is planning to be the only second player in the whole world to win the Players and Master tournament back to back. Before Smith, only Tiger Woods has the record of winning these two tournaments in a row.

Cameron Smith Round 1 Performance:

The Australian golf starts Cameron Smith has a great start in the tournament. He checkmated all his opponents and got the appellation of the best player of the day. Smith started the opening round with a double bogey and finished with one.

Smith’s remarkable birdies in eight holes, starting with the fifth, sixth, eighth, and nine. With two gaps, Smith scores again in the 12th hole and again leaves two. And started to collect points from the 14th, 15th, and 16th holes.

Round 2 performance:

The second round of the Masters on Friday was the story of survival and the goodbye of many. The 86th edition of the tournament’s second round goes well for Smith. Well, he could do better, but the bad weather was creating obstacles to getting the perfect shot.

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Smith started the second round with front-nine 39, where he left his first round. He was doing great but suddenly discovered himself six shots behind going into the weekend.

Round 3 performance:

After giving a bit of a fallen performance compared to the first day, Smith back again with great spirit on Saturday. He finished the third-round line with a par at 18. Smith shoots a 4-under par 68 and was hoping to hold his position second position for the next round solely.

On the par-3 16th holes, Smiths dropped a shot. When Smith was asked about the challenges he faced during the third round, he said, “To keep my hands warm. I had hand warmers in all day with me, but I don’t think they help. It was brutal [wind].”

“With that westerly wind, there are not many holes you get straight downwind or into the wind, you get a lot of crosswinds, and there are some quite tricky shapes hitting into the greens.”

Cameron Smith’s Round 4 Odds and Prediction:

On Sunday, Augusta National Golf Club will host the final round of the Masters. Scottie Scheffler is still in the leading position, and Smith is only three shots behind from the world’s number one golfer after he posts a 4-under 68.

Smith is giving amazing performances in all rounds; he is the favorite choice of all golf critics, having +250 odds while Scheffler’s odds are -225.

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