Huntsville Championship in 2022
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The Huntsville Championship 2022, a Korn Ferry Tour event, will be held at The Ledges, Huntsville’s top golf course, from April 28 to May 1, 2022.


Huntsville is one of just 28 towns in the globe that host Korn Ferry Tour and professional level tournaments as tour players vie for a spot on the prestigious PGA Tour. Major winners Justin Thomas, Jason Day, Zach Johnson, and Bubba Watson are among the PGA Tour players taking part in the Korn Ferry Tour.

The top 25 players at the end of the combined 2022 regular season receive a PGA Tour card for the following season, and their priority order for the autumn tournaments is determined on their combined regular season and Korn Ferry Tour Finals points. The best 25 players in the Korn Ferry Tour Finals tournaments alone earn PGA Tour cards for the next season.

Here, you will know everything about the tournament.

Huntsville Championship Schedule 2022:

The tournament will be held from April 28 to May 1, 2022. Here is the full schedule.

  • Thursday, April 28 – Round 1
  • Friday, April 29 – Round 2
  • Saturday, April 30 – Round 3
  • Sunday, May 1 – Round 4


The event will take place at the Tennessee Valley Living, Huntsville. The venue has a length of 7118 yeards and 70 par. You can buy the tickets right now before the time goes out.

How to Watch Huntsville Championship Online and on TV in 2022?

Huntsville Championship will be broadcast live on Golf Channel. To watch the tournament, you must first log in. If you already have a cable TV connection, you may easily watch the game there. Otherwise, call your cable company as soon as possible.

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The tournament will also be streaming live on FuboTV via Golf Channel. This will only be available to Fubo’s paying subscribers. Fubo’s subscription price is $64.99. This portal offers a plethora of TV channels, including several sports stations. So, get your preferred bundle and tune in to the Livestream right now.

Prize Money:

1 $135,000
2 $67,500
3 $45,000
4 $33,750
5 $28,500

Huntsville Championship 2022 Tee Times:

Rob Oppenheim 5:35 AM
MJ Daffue 5:35 AM
Stephen Franken 5:35 AM
Martin FloresA 5:35 AM
Rafael Campos 5:35 AM
Erik Barnes 5:35 AM
José de Jesús Rodríguez 5:45 AM
Byeong Hun An 5:45 AM
Mark Anderson 5:45 AM
Paul Haley II 5:45 AM
hee Kim 5:45 AM
Anders Albertson 5:45 AM
Josh Teater 5:56 AM
Xinjun Zhang 5:56 AM
arry Hall 5:56 AM
ris Blanks 5:56 AM
Shawn Stefani 5:56 AM
Vince India 5:56 AM
Brandon Matthews 6:06 AM
Patrick Fishburn 6:06 AM
John VanDerLaan 6:06 AM
Carl Pettersson 6:06 AM
Sam Saunders 6:06 AM
Kyle Reifers 6:06 AM
Ben Taylor 6:17 AM
yan McCormick 6:17 AM
Theo Humphrey 6:17 AM
Alexandre Rocha 6:17 AM
Brent Grant 6:17 AM
Shad Tuten 6:17 AM
Jason Bohn 6:27 AM
Dan McCarthy 6:27 AM
Joey Garber 6:27 AM
Nicholas Lindheim 6:27 AM
Pontus Nyholm 6:27 AM
David Kocher 6:27 AM
Justin Suh 6:38 AM
Tom Lovelady 6:38 AM
Trevor Werbylo 6:38 AM
Matt Atkins 6:38 AM
Nick Voke 6:38 AM
Patrick Cover 6:38 AM
Tano Goya 6:48 AM
Ryan Ruffels 6:48 AM
Mac Meissner 6:48 AM
Philip Knowles 6:48 AM
Chandler Blanchet 6:48 AM
Blake Dyer 6:48 AM
Albin Choi 6:59 AM
Marcos Montenegro 6:59 AM
Matthew Picanso 6:59 AM
Patrick Newcomb 6:59 AM
Tain Lee 6:59 AM
MJ Maguire 6:59 AM
Mark Blakefield 7:09 AM
Corey Pereira 7:09 AM
Jake Staiano 7:09 AM
Gregor Main 7:09 AM
Trevor Cone 7:09 AM
Clay Feagler 7:09 AM
Chase Parker 7:20 AM
Taylor Dickson 7:20 AM
Ashton Van Horne 7:20 AM
Tee-K Kelly 7:20 AM
Vincent Norrman 7:20 AM
Alex Weiss 7:20 AM
Kevin Yu 7:30 AM
Michael Feagles 7:30 AM
Peter Kuest 7:30 AM
Brad Brunner 7:30 AM
Sam Stevens 7:30 AM
John Pak 7:30 AM
Jacob Bergeron 7:41 AM
Bryce Emory 7:41 AM
Bryce Hendrix 7:41 AM
Garrett Osborn 7:41 AM
Wil Bateman 7:41 AM
Christopher Petefish 7:41 AM
Chris Baker 10:50 AM
Kevin Dougherty 10:50 AM
Carson Young 10:50 AM
Heath Slocum 10:50 AM
Scott Harrington 10:50 AM
Eric Cole 10:50 AM
Sean O’Hair 11:00 AM
Jimmy Stanger 11:00 AM
Seonghyeon Kim 11:00 AM
Nelson Ledesma 11:00 AM
Zecheng Dou 11:00 AM
Robby Shelton 11:00 AM
Curtis Luck 11:11 AM
Dawson Armstrong 11:11 AM
Will Gordon 11:11 AM
John Chin 11:11 AM
Michael Kim 11:11 AM
George Cunningham 11:11 AM
Tyson Alexander 11:21 AM
Stuart Macdonald 11:21 AM
Kris Ventura 11:21 AM
Rhein Gibson 11:21 AM
Michael Gellerman 11:21 AM
Tom Whitney 11:21 AM
Julián Etulain 11:32 AM
Brad Hopfinger 11:32 AM
Kevin Roy 11:32 AM
Tag Ridings 11:32 AM
Steven Bowditch 11:32 AM
Carl Yuan 11:32 AM
Blayne Barber 11:42 AM
Braden Thornberry 11:42 AM
Tanner Gore 11:42 AM
Zack Fischer 11:42 AM
Cody Gribble 11:42 AM
Charlie Saxon 11:42 AM
John Augenstein 11:53 AM
Davis Thompson 11:53 PM
Brandon Hoelzer 11:53 AM
Alex Chiarella 11:53 AM
Billy Tom Sargent 11:53 AM
Jonathan Brightwell 11:53 AM
Conner Godsey 12:03 PM
Grant Hirschman 12:03 PM
A.J. Crouch 12:03 PM
Andrew Yun 12:03 PM
Thomas Rosenmueller 12:03 PM
Garett Reband 12:03 PM
Harrison Endycott 12:14 PM
Luis Gagne 12:14 PM
Ivan Camilo Ramirez 12:14 PM
Jeremy Paul 12:14 PM
Augusto Núñez 12:14 PM
Quade Cummins 12:14 PM
Marcelo Rozo 12:24 PM
Matt McCarty 12:24 PM
J.J. Grey 12:24 PM
Spencer Ralston 12:24 PM
Martin Contini 12:24 PM
Jay Card III 12:24 PM
Tripp Kinney 12:35 PM
Corey Shaun 12:35 PM
Brett White 12:35 PM
Trace Crowe 12:35 PM
Steven Fisk 12:35 PM
Thomas Walsh 12:35 PM
Brandon Crick 12:45 PM
Michael Johnson 12:45 PM
yle Westmoreland 12:45 PM
Jonathan Griz (a) 12:45 PM
Caleb Proveaux 12:45 PM
Blake Maum 12:45 PM
Dylan Meyer 12:56 PM
Chip McDaniel 12:56 PM
William Furr 12:56 PM
Brian Richey 12:56 PM
Jovan Rebula 12:56 PM
T.K. Kim 12:56 PM
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