Memorial Tournament 2021 live streaming options

And once again the Memorial Tournament 2021 is breathing with its ablaze exciting air. The world’s most popular golf players are striking balls with their golf sticks. And you don’t wanna miss this amazing PGA Tour championship cause this tournament a huge affects on the whole season.

Here we prepared an article on how to live stream Memorial Tournament 2021. So, let’s waste time by talking and hop into the business.

Where and When is Memorial Tournament 2021 is Happening?

The Memorial Tournament Golf 2021 is taking place at the Muirfield Village Golf Club. The qualifying match started on May 31 and the tournament will come to an end on June 6. The first round will start on June 3.

How to Live Stream Memorial Tournament Golf 2021?

Players from all over the world are now coming to Muirfield Village Golf Club. The club is now full of celebrities and their assembles under the same roof thrilled the heart of all golf fans. Golf fans from around the globe are waiting for the tournament with a very curious heart. Cause this is one of the most important contests on the PGA Tour. This tournament will select and given the honour of the most gorgeous golf players. So, who wouldn’t excited about the game? Let’s see what option we have to live stream the event.

PGA Tour arranged golf tournaments are mostly free to air programs. So, you don’t need to pay any extra cash for this. And don’t listen to your dumb friends who are telling you to there is no way of watching without paying money. Anyway, there are two options available for live streaming. You could go for the old traditional ways to TV cable line streaming or go for the current popular ways, the online live streaming.

In the below, we laid out all the live streaming options, grab the package that suits you best.

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Online Live Streaming options of Memorial Tournament Golf:

Though TV cable line offers us many types of benefits but with the online streaming platform, you could watch the show from anywhere. And you could bring the device anywhere. All you will need is an internet connection to live stream the match. Let’s find out where we can watch Memorial Tournament 2021 with the online server.

PGA Tour Live:

If you are gonna watch the game in an online source then no one is better than PGA Tour Live when it comes to a golf tournament.

All the golf lover’s favourite streaming platform is PGA Tour Live. They are the main and biggest of all golf live streaming channels. With PGA Tour Live we can enjoy all the PGA Tour arranged, produced, organized tournaments. Not only the PGA Tour, but you can also watch all other golf championships too. You can watch your favourite player’s videos and their interviews on the PGA Tour Live. They offer so much stuff in their live streaming package. It always has been the best live streaming option for various kinds of golf tournaments. For online viewers, I strongly recommend PGA Tour Live to enjoy the Memorial Tournament Golf 2021.

To watch the event with PGA Tour Live, you will have to pay 9.99 dollars for a monthly subscription. And for the annual subscription which will save you about 50% of the money will cost 64.99 dollars.

CBS and Golf Channel:

Wondering what these doing in here? Well, they are here to help you. CBS and Golf Channel both are very popular channels in the whole world. They have a very huge range of work and operating area. CBS and Golf Channel can be watched online too. They have their apps in both places, play store, and iOS system.

You can also visit their official channel for live streaming the match. Choosing this method for watching one of the greatest golf tournaments in history would a good solution. And it’s better too if you are a little short on money.

Fubo TV:

Who doesn’t know about the Fubo TV live streaming server? It’s an America-based live streaming server. Very popular and very well known. Not just the Americans but now the whole world is falling for this Fubo TV plan. They grow so fast among sports lovers. It’s now considered one of the biggest platforms of all live streaming stations. People love this channel cause it gives everything you need. The problem we faced with the cable line is, we have to go through many channels just for the one show. Sometimes all the channel is available in the cable line, then that creates another problem. Fubo TV releases us from these annoying problems. Now you can get everything just in one box. And Fubo TV and its plan are specially made for sports lovers.

To get a Fubo TV subscription, you will have to cost 64.99 dollars.

Fubo TV comes with 93 channels including Golf Channel and CBC so you can watch the PGA Tour golf championship with Fubo.

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How to Watch from Worldwide:

Though the tournament is happening in the USA, its fan base is not just from the USA. Viewers of the golf tournament are living in all the countries. Let’s see what are live streaming channels available for international viewers.


For the UK fans, Sky Sport takes the responsibility of broadcasting the Memorial Tournament Golf.

Sky Sports is now one of the biggest channels in the UK. They are maintaining the whole live streaming operation of the UK alongside some other channel. You could watch the whole show with Sky Sports without having any trouble.

To watch the game with Sky Sports first you need to get their subscription. This will cost you, 25 pounds. You can watch all other sports too with Sky Sports.


If you are from Australia then you can live stream the event with Kayo Sports. Mayo Sports is a popular Australia-based live streaming platform. The whole game will available here. You don’t have to go through different channels to live stream the match.

Kayo Sports have to subscription pack. 25 dollars for basic and 35 for the premium pack.


For Canadian fans, they can watch the Memorial tournament with Golf Channel Canada. Golf Channel is available in many countries and Canada is one of them. So for Canadian fans, they don’t have to worry about the contest. The whole tournament coverage will broadcast by the Golf Channel Canada.

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Which TV Channel will broadcast the Memorial Tournament 2021?

Cable line streaming could be old-fashioned but it has benefits too. The best advantage with cable line is, in most cases, it provides us with the free streaming opportunity. So, people always fall for the cable line. Let’s check out which channel will broadcast the PGA Tour Golf Tournament.


CBS is a very popular channel around the whole world. They are in the TV show business for a long time now. And their deal with PGA Tour has built up a very serious bonding in time. They are one of the official broadcasters of the Memorial Tournament.

It won’t hard to find a tournament on CBS. The game will broadcast on the CBS network on game time. CBS will cover almost every round of the game. You can also find late-recorded match videos from the CBC channel. So, if you miss the show, you can watch it later.

To watch the game with CBS, will not cost you any extra penny. But yeah, you just need to cable line for this and need to pay the bill in time.

Golf Channel:

There is actually two official TV channel that is granted to broadcast the golf tournament. Number one is CBS(we already know that) and the second one is Golf Channel.

If you are a golf lover then you must be familiar with Golf Channel action. Its mother channel and owner is NBC. This channel is mainly programmed for the golf lover and only for golf-related shows. PGA Tour divided their tournament into these two-channel, Golf Channel and CBS. You could watch the game on both of the channels. Some people often prefer Golf Channel for golf tournaments cause of their broadcasting system and policy. Their hosting and presentation are more amazing than other channels. If you planning for the cable line steaming that Golf Channel would be the best.

To watch the Memorial Golf Tournament 2021 with Golf Channel, we won’t have to expend extra money. This comes free with your cable line. But if you don’t have a cable line and yet wanna go for the Golf Channel then you have to get the subscription first and will cost you 94.99 dollar per month.


Yeah, you are right. Not only Golf Channel and CBS in the show but also NBC is in the game. Though Golf Channel is work under NBC Universal, NBC will broadcast the game on their NBC channel too.

NBC is the number one, top-ranked channel from the USA. It’s also available in so many other countries too. They will operate the tournament broadcast too. You can watch the golf tournament with NBC too. It’s completely free with the NBC channel and comes with your cable line too. So, enjoy the game.

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PGA Tour arranging golf tournament always attract the fans most. They gathered all the best players in the world in the same room. And so fans become more excited about the game. Anyway, fellas, I think you now build up a good idea about live streaming. Yet, if you find any problem streaming the tournament then let us know, we will happy to help you.


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