Par in Golf

In this article, we will discuss one of the basic terms in golf. We will discuss what pars in golf are, what is under par or over par, how the score is counted, and every basic related to par in golf terms.

What is your target while playing golf? To put the ball in the hole. Right? So when you talk about the ball putting in the hole, a word called par comes into your head. But what does par mean in golf? So par is the designated shot you have to finish the hole. Let’s dig into that.

What is Par in Golf?

So, What are you thinking right now? What is a par in golf?? As I said earlier, par is the number of predetermined shots you have to finish that particular hole if you are an expert. So, what is par has always been a question for expert golfers. Because under normal weather conditions, an expert player must reach the hole in that number of shots. Inputting green, a player usually has two shots to make.

Talking about par, some other things come to mind. Like under par, over par, or what is par for 18 or 9 holes? How did par become this important, or how do we measure that? Let’s know more about this, and if you are a newbie or want to know more about golf basics, this might help you.

How is Par Introduced?

Par is a term used in golf for a long but was officially introduced in 1911. As par is used to describe how much stroke extra or less needed at first, this word used to be an alternative to bogey. Though bogey was familiar, and par was underrated at that time. Later, USGA decided to use “Par” as the number of scratch players needed to finish the hole.

What is Par in Golf for 18 Holes?

First, let me remind you that typically a golf course has 18 holes. Though there are 9 holes, too, 18 holes are considered standard. So in these 18 holes, how is par calculated?

There are mostly par fours. Usually, two par threes and two par fives on 18 holes are necessary. 18 holes are broken up into nine holes. So you have nine holes on the front and nine holes on the back.

So here are some new terms you need to know if you want to understand the whole thing. There may be a lot of questions in your mind. Let me answer those.

What is Par 3 in Golf?

As the objective of golf is to beat the par, you have to beat a par 3 in three shots.

What is Par 4?

Like that, a par 4 is to complete in 4 strokes.

What is Par 5?

It is also the same as the previous two. A par 5 allows reaching the hole in 5 shots.

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Now, as we know, what is different pars mean? A question can be asked what if the given amount of strokes did not reach a par? It can be more or less according to a player’s proficiency, accuracy, and precision. A beginner may need more shots, or an expert may not even need the provided amount as he may need fewer shots.

So when a person needs more shots to finish, it is called over par, and when anyone completes that in fewer shots, it is called under par. But it is always better to complete in less but not more.

What is Par Breaking?

The first term you need to know is breaking the par to discuss these things. The question arises: What is par breaking, or who is a par breaker in golf?

What is it sound like? Breaking a par is a score that is not the same as the par. And also it is not more. A par breaker beats the par and completes the game in less than the par or the course rating.

This brings some other terms like over par or under par. What are over par or under par?

Under par

Under par is something like this. Because under par is called when you finish the whole in fewer shots. So what is the difference? Usually, par breaking is called when you complete the entire game in fewer shots, and under par is when you complete par in fewer than required shots. Let me give you an example. Suppose your golf course is a total of 72 pars. So when you finish the game in fewer shots, it is par breaking, and in a par three, if you reach a hole in fewer shots, it is under par.

So, we learned that under par reaches the hole in fewer shots. There is one under par or two under par. What are they? In a par three, from the tee box to the hole, if a golfer needs 2 shots, that is one under par because one shot less, so it is a minus one. This is also called a birdie in golf. There is also a term in golf called eagle. What is the eagle in golf? Eagle is when you do minus two or save two-shot.

Over par

On the other hand, there are over pars. When you need one extra shot, like in a par three, if you need four strikes, then it is one over par, or it is called a bogey. If you need two extras, it is double; if three, it is triple; if four, it is quad. It goes like this.


The whole objective of golf is to complete the game in fewer shots or beat the par. When anyone tells their score, you can count the par as 5 extra shots adding 5 with the total par of that course or vice versa.  The only way to shine in-game is to practice, practice, and more. Keep doing practice and make your game better to beat the par.

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