Solheim Cup Leaderboard 2021

Solheim Cup 2021 is one of the prominent golf tournaments in the whole world. But sadly only two nations can compete here, the USA and Europe.

The tournament is a battle between the most powerful European women golfer and the most powerful American women golfer. For this competition, Europe and America gathered their most skilled full players at a place, and then these two nations release their best players to compete against each other.

Solheim Cup history:

The tournament first started in 1990 and since then both teams showing amazing performance in the course. The winning ratio is 10:6 with the USA being in the first place. The match takes place every two years. This will be the 17th edition of the Solheim Cup tournament.

This event is similar to the Ryder Cup, where the contest takes place between men’s golfers, and here the fight is among the women’s. The Ryde Cup will also start soon, hopefully, this month on 24-26 September.

The Solheim Cup 2021 has started two days ago on 4 September. And today is the final day of the tournament. So that will be the most thrilling and exciting match of the event. Both teams will try to keep their scores high. Though the team Europe point is in a better position than the USA, USA’s chance of winning is higher than Europe.

Here we prepared an article for the final day of the Solheim Cup 2021. Here we will talk about the event leaderboard, tee times, and live stream.

So, let’s get started.

Solheim Cup 2021 Leaderboard:

In the Solheim Cup, the USA happened to be the boss. Most of the time they dominate the course. They won 10 times when the European players got the victory 6 times. This time the USA has the better winning chance too. The event is taking place in the USA, at the Inverness Club located in Toledo, Ohio.

The past result suggests that the motherland puts a huge effect on the Solheim Cup tournament. Out of 16 matches, 12 matches were won by the team that hosted the game.

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So, if the team Europe could do that then this will be a huge win. And the European seems very promising about their victory this time. The current leaderboard score is-

  • Score: Europe 9- USA 7

Visit here for the live leaderboard

Final-round tee times:

Tee time means the exact begging time of a match. Here we are in the final round and the tee time of Solheim Cup 2021 is-

  • Monday, 6 September at 12-6 PM ET.

How to Live Stream Solheim Cup 2021?

  • TV coverage: NBC, Golf Channel
  • Live Stream: Peacock

There are two-channel that have the broadcasting authority of showing Solheim Cup 2021. The first one is NBC and the second one is Golf Channel.

NBC is America based popular TV channel. They broadcast so many contents and including sports. Herewith NBC, we could watch the whole event of the Solheim Cup tournament.

And the other channel is Golf Channel. The Golf Channel is mainly famous for broadcasting Golf-based content. The golf channel air all the golf tournaments. This is the most famous and popular channel among golf lovers.

And finally, we have the Peacock apps. Peacock is a live streaming platform that offers us many sports including golf. Peacock doesn’t require any subscription cost so could enjoy the live streaming completely free.


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