Stephens Cup 2021
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The Jackson T. Stephens Cup 2021 is going to be held from October 18 – 20 in the Alotian Club. The tournament is named after the late chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and Jackson Stephens. The tournament will feature a 54 hole play.

Tournament Preview:

This tournament will be hosted by The University of Arkansas. The Stephens Cup will feature teams from Alabama, Arizona, Florida State, San Diego State and Notre Dame. It will also feature women teams from Baylor, LSU, Ole Miss, South Carolina and Virginia, and Razorbacks.

Tournament Chairman Warren Stephens said, “Our goal is to create a distinctive and highly competitive collegiate tournament that is comprised of tomorrow’s PGA TOUR and LPGA stars playing some of the country’s premier golf courses,”

The head coach of the Arkansas Women’s Team said that College golf was growing so fast and both the boys and girls sides had a depth of talents. He believes that the future PGA and LPGA tournament stars will come out from these college tournaments.

Arkansas senior Segundo Oliva Pinto, said, “The Alotian Club is an amazing course. I feel a little different going into an event like this, more motivated and excited than anything. The only way for my friends and family in Argentina to know what I’m doing is to play on television. That’s exciting for me. Every opportunity I get, every putt I make, I feel like someone who knows is smiling and enjoying what I’m doing.”

Today, we will know when where and how to watch the Stephens Cup live stream along with the schedule:

When and Where is the Stephens Cup 2021?

The full schedule of Stephens Cup 2021 is given below:

Sunday, 17 October Practice Rounds/Collegiate-Am Fundraiser
Monday, 18 October Stroke Play (27 holes)
Tuesday, 19 October Stroke Play (27 holes)
Wednesday, 20 October Match Play Final Round by seed (1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, etc.)

The tournament will be held at Alotian Golf Club. So the people of Arkansas will be able to go to the course to watch the Stephens Cup with their eyes. The course is 1500 acres. It has also 72 par and 18 holes. It is one of the finest golf courses in America.

The tickets for the tournament are on sale. It will cost you $150. Buy yours before the time runs out.

How to Watch Stephens Cup 2021 Live Stream?

The Stephens Cup live stream is available on the Golf Channel Website. Golf Channel has the right to broadcast the event to golf fans.

Golf Channel’s broadcasting schedule is given below (All times ET):

  • Monday, Oct. 18: 4-7 p.m
  • Tuesday, Oct. 19: 3-6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 20: 3-6 p.m.

You will have to log in to the channel with your cable operator’s details. Call your cable operator if you don’t have the channel on your TV till now. If you don’t have a cable connection, you can watch Golf Channel on FuboTV.

How to Watch Live on TV:

GOLF CHANNEL will provide live broadcasts on each day of official tournament play. NBC Sports also broadcast the tournament.


College golf is the place from where the talents of the future comes out. Stephens Cup will be an ideal event to look for the real talent who will lead in the future. If you are a golf fan, call your friends and watch all the actions live.


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