Tiger Woods Returns
Photo: Golf Monthly

All the fans of golf around the globe were very sad when they heard the legend Tiger Woods had a deadly car accident. It shook everyone’s heart. All the fans prayed for him and encourage Woods with their words.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for him to come back on course again. His absence on the Ryder Cup 2021 surely affects everyone. Though some of us heard that Woods work in the Ryder Cup behind the camera and inspired his fellow teammates.

Anyway, after a long time and 8 months of wait, we finally saw Tiger Woods on the course. He is recovering very fast. Still not fully ready to run like old times but a thousand times better from the last couple of months. After spotting Woods in the golf field the whole internet in gone crazy. Everyone wants him to hit the balls in the air once again. And Woods will do that in no time.

Woods was spotted in the public with his son and girlfriend. It’s the first time we saw the men standing in the green field after the accident. It was on a Florida golf course. Woods went there to support and watch his son Charlie.

Charlie is playing in a tournament in Florida. Surely his father helping him a lot. How much he got from his father is hard to tell. But Charlie is a good player of his own. His shots are very nice and remarkable. The 12 years boy once will be a top-ranked player, if he follows his old man paths.

Tiger Woods was standing in the field without standing aid support. He can now move and walk without anyone’s help. Though he was wearing a sleeve in the broken leg.

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So, probably he will be on break for a few more months before finally returning into the field. Woods is excited for his return too. He seemed very enthusiastic and in a great spirit. He talks with fans too. And thanked them to be on his side in time of danger.

Tiger Woods rehabilitation and Official Come Back:

It was in the earlier of this year, February 23. Near Rolling Hills Estates, about 30 miles southwest of Los Angeles, Woods hit his car with a tree and fall of from the road.

Because of the car accident, he got injured in his legs, knee, waist, and in his neck. His lower right leg was smashed by the incident and his right foot also faced severely injured. Surgeons had to cut the tissue covering of his left leg to relieve pressure cause they got swelled too much. Doctors put a rod into Woods’s shinbone and they also had to insert screws and pins into his foot and ankle.

Back then, the doctor says that this kind of leg friction can cause massive disability and paralysis. As the Woods shin got infected it’s causing damage to his tendons and muscles. This also caused him bleeding and swelling of muscles.

Woods faced this horrible car accident because of his rashness. The sharif said that the reason for the car accident is overspeeding. There were no traffic problems involved, the road was clear. But Woods was driving his car 84 to 87 mph and the road speed limit is 45 mph. Woods heat a tree on the road at 75 mph.

He came back from the hospital in late March. Woods posted a photo with his dog in April said he was recovering.

Now the men are in front of us and ready to get back. But he will certainly need a few more months to get back on his foot properly.


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