US Open Golf live streaming guide
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One of golf’s prestigious major tournaments – the US Open 2021 – is set to gather top stars under one umbrella next month at West Coast.

Bryson DeChambeau bagged last year’s US Open after putting up series of exceptional performances. The 4th PGA star was awarded a $12,500,000 purse for claiming the Winged Foot West Course in September 2020.

Do you have any predictions for the upcoming major competition?

When is the US Open 2021?

The US Open will begin on June 17 and conclude on the 20th.

Where will the US Open Golf 2021 be held?

The South Course at Torrey Pines in San Diego will host the tournament. The public course also hosted the event in 2008 when Tiger Woods triumphed by thumping Rocco Mediate in a playoff. This was Wood’s third U.S. Open title.

Where can I Live Stream the US Open 2021?

GolfTV is the go-to service for gold lovers to catch the live action of major tournaments. And the best about acquiring a GolfTV subscription is that the first week will be free of charge. You can later select one of their three packages, depending on your budget.

Moreover, you can download the NBC mobile application to watch US Open Golf 2021. The NBC app allows you to watch live streams on your tablet or smartphone no matter regardless of your location.


Could Phil Mickelson, 50, will be a major threat to his fellow professional golfers, especially after his top performance at Kiawah Island that earned him his sixth major championship.

What makes him a potential tournament winner is the fact that he made it big at a course that is similar to Torrey Pines’ South Course.

This prediction would have been considered unorthodox and wayward a week ago, but his recent form has shut his critics.

The 50-year-old definitely possesses ample skills up his sleeves that are needed to clinch a major championship.

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Speaking to media at the PGA on Sunday, the veteran golfer said: “It’s very possible that this is the last tournament I ever win. Like, if I’m being realistic. But it’s also very possible that I may have had a little bit of a breakthrough in some of my focus and maybe I go on a little bit of a run, I don’t know. I’ve believed for some time now without success that I could play at my best and compete in major championships still, but until this week, I haven’t proven it to myself or anyone else.”

If Lefty is successful at the major in June, he will join the group of five men who have won the career grand slam. He feels the age factor doesn’t hinder him from achieving glory if he puts in extra work.

The Lefty remarked: “I do believe that I believe that if I stay sharp mentally I can play well at Torrey Pines. I’ll take two weeks off before that and go out to Torrey and spend time on the greens and really try to be sharp for that week because I know that I’m playing well and this could very well be my last really good opportunity. Although I get five more, but [my last] really good opportunity to win a U.S. Open. So I’m going to put everything I have into it.”

Hideki Matsuyama was considered a strong favorite at the PGA Championship, but Lefty surprised the golf community at the end. Out of the 156 participants, Lefty defied the odds to prove that age is just a number when a professional player possesses the grit to win.


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