Eagle in Golf

What a bird Eagle is! What a sharpness! You know there is an eagle in golf too. So, what is an eagle in golf? An eagle is something when a golfer makes 2 under pars or saves two shots in a par.

In this post, we’ll discuss the Eagle in golf, its history, how to score it, how to find it on a scorecard, the drills that go along with it, what’s better than an eagle, and other golf scoring terms that may be useful to your game. So, don’t miss any points and read till the end.

What is an Eagle in Golf?

When a golfer plays on a course, they are usually granted pars. He is instructed to finish the par in the time allotted. He may use more or fewer shots, but it is always preferable to use fewer shots. When golfers score 2 under par, they are called Eagles. It can be seen in professional players. Because saving two shots on par is tough and not very common in golf. So scoring an eagle in golf is undoubtedly a game-changer.

How is Eagle in Golf Introduced?

Golf is very much popular in America though it originated in Scotland.

A long time back, in 1800, the word bird was used to address someone for his excellence in any work. From that thing, the word birdie was introduced in golf for a better performance as Birdie is playing one under par. Later, the word eagle also came into golf to refer to a better score than a birdie because a 2 under par is always better than a 1 under par. These terms in golf, like eagle-birdie and many others for better shots like turkey, Albatross, condor, or ostrich. They are inspired by birds, which takes us back to the history of calling birds for good performance.

‌How to Score an Eagle in Golf?

Saving two is a massive deal, as we know how eagles are counted. So usually, Eagle is when you play a par three in one shot or par four in 2 shots. So it is a bit tough to play an eagle on par 3 as direct to hole-in-one is not so common. But in larger pars, it is seen if a golfer plays strong and long shots.

So, what’s an eagle in golf scoring for different pars?

Playing a par 3 in 1 strike, a par 4 in 2 strikes, a par 5 in 3 strikes, a par 6 in 4 strikes, and a par 7 in 5 strikes.

How to Mark an Eagle on a Scorecard?

If you usually play or are interested in playing, you may have checked the PGA tours. The scorecard they show for a player shows some squares or circle marks there. That circle mark means under par. There will be a circle around if there is a one-under-par or Birdie, and if there are two under-par or Eagle, There will be two circles around.

But remember, under par is shown by circles, not squares. Squares are for over pars.

Sometimes it is written minus one or minus two by the side of strikes required to finish the par. So from there, you can also understand if it is 1 under par or 2 under par or what.

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Drills to Make an Eagle

Always keep in mind that strong means long. And the only way to beat the par is to take a long shot. This is the only drill that will allow you to beat the par. Look at how you are swinging. Swing the club from the inside to outside with an open clubface. Try your best to overcome shank. Hold your driver with a firm grip. And do not, I repeat, do not lose your calm; if you make any mistake, there is a chance, but if you panic or can’t come out of thinking of making any mistake, you can’t play those long shots.

What is Better Than an Eagle in Golf?

An eagle in golf is not something that can be seen very often. If you make this often, you must have been an outstanding player, I must say.

As we know, There is always scope for doing better. An eagle in golf is always appreciated, but there are even betters. Are you shocked? Hold your breath because there is more coming for you.

An eagle in golf saves two in par, but what saves three, four, or five? Have you ever thought about that? Let me introduce some of the golf terms.

Albatross:  Saving three strikes in par or finishing a par striking THREE shots less is known as Albatross in golf.

What is a Double Eagle in Golf?

There is a very common word known to every golf lover, which is double Eagle. It is very familiar. A double eagle is saving three in a par.

What? That’s not true, and that’s an albatross.

So, Are you surprised? It was very certain. The term you know as double Eagle in golf is an albatross. Later the term albatross was introduced, so still, many people use double Eagle in golf terms.

Condor: Condor in golf terms is used when a player saves FOUR strikes in a par.

Ostrich: When a player completes a par keeping FIVE shots in hand or does it in 5 shots less than the par count, it is called an Ostrich in golf.

This Albatross, condor, and ostrich are very rare in golf, and it might happen once or twice in a PGA tour or not even once. Outstanding, and an expert player can play this.


From the start, I am saying playing an eagle is tough but possible, and people do that. So, never lose hope in this and practice even more. It’s almost certain that if you keep training, one day, you’ll be one of those who defy all chances and be classified as a birdie, Eagle, Albatross, condor, or ostrich. Because everybody starts making mistakes, they bogey, play more shots, and then correct them. And, if you are already a person who can play this well, you are doing great.

Birdie is when a golfer plays one under par, and a bogey plays one over par.

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