Golf fans are always looking for the next tip, secret, gimmick, or trick to improve their game. While it can never be defined in a couple of words, Captain’s Choice has become a respected leader in golf goods that continue to receive praise amongst many professional athletes and golfers.

In the world of golf, there are many different formats, which vary depending on the tournament you’re playing. Captain’s Choice is a fun way to play golf. Captain’s Choice is a golf format that allows players to choose a club and then play from there.

What is The Captain’s Choice in Golf: The Rules Are Simple

Team members tee off, choose which drive they want to use, and play from there. Until the ball is buried, this process continues with every shot. In this format, there are no mulligans or do-overs; once you pick your club, you’re stuck with it until you get the ball in the hole.

It works so well because these are listed in no particular order:

  • Even a bad team of golfers can shoot below 80 with this course, so it is a great choice for high handicappers.
  • The experience gives you an idea of what it is like to be a professional.  It is almost impossible for amateur golfers to go 8 under, but when four golfers with 12 handicaps are playing, it becomes possible.

Sometimes it’s referred to as scramble style. Tournament of this type is most commonly held at charity events, business tournaments, and association events. Captain’s choice golf tournaments are usually played by four-person teams. Moreover, you can also opt for a two-person or three-person scramble.

In some sense, Captain’s Choice is like a combination of 2 other regular games. It’s often used as an “alternate” shot game, but with some holes having only 1 tee, it can also be used in scramble events as it guarantees that all players will have a chance to play their favorite hole (a random draw on other formats may not always fall your way).

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When there are four members on each team, the captain’s choice format works as follows: 

  • A, B, C, and D are four golfers who all hit drives. The outcomes are contrasted. Did anyone make the sharpest drive? The case we will consider is B.
  • The golfer A, C, and D then pick up each other’s balls and place them where ball B is so that ball B will be accessible to them. From the spot where B made his drive, each of the four players made their second shot.
  • The best way to determine what is the best follow-up approach is to compare the results of those follow-up attempts. As each member of the team places his or her ball there, the team begins to play their third stroke.
  • Keep on repeating this process until the ball is in the hole.

The fourth shot in each hole will be taken alternately by each player if your party has fewer than four members. It is important not to mix up the terms “captain’s pick” and “captain’s choice”. Despite its similarity, “captain’s pick” carries a completely different meaning.

In the captain’s choice, you don’t have to worry about hitting the ball close because you can pick your best shot regardless of where it lands on the course. It also makes golfers think more critically about their game and its shortcomings.

The captain’s choice rule is ideal for your recreational golf league play or a friendly match. It will help reduce pressure and allow you to just have fun on the golf course. The rule also helps even out handicaps, as long as you have a broad range of players with different skill levels in your group.

Furthermore, this rule works well in match play, especially if one player has already clinched the victory. This way, all members of the group still have something to play for.

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Final Words

If you’re a fan of Captain’s Choice, then chances are you know all about those fun games. If not, then now you do. The more important thing to note is that Captain’s Choice is a fun way to incorporate competition into your next round of golf, in whatever form you want. Have fun with it!


How does Captain’s Choice Work?

Captain’s Choice is a popular format in which golfers play for points. Every player gets to choose from a list of options, and then everyone plays them out in order. Points are awarded based on how well you finish each hole; the player with the most points at the end wins!

Is Captain’s Choice the same as scramble?

Yes, Captain’s Choice is the same as a scramble. In fact, they are both a form of match play. The difference between them is that in Captain’s Choice, the captain gets to choose how many points you want to play for each hole; in the scramble, you and your partner choose.

What is the hardest ball in golf?

The Mizuno RB Tour X is the hardest ball on the market, and it’s designed specifically for long drivers. The ball is built with a low-compression core and a soft cover, which makes it ideal for golfers who want to hit the ball as far as possible without sacrificing control or spin.

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