When Tiger Woods will playing golf again
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Everything is now uncertain and in the face of the question for Tiger Woods. No one could tell for sure how long it can take to recover the injuries fully. From Woods’s doctor and physician statement, doctors and physician is hoping that he can return to the golf filed but, to be honest, there is a very slight chance of it cause the bone that got infected is hard to heal and to get back on his former position will take a hell lot of a time.

Woods will have to go through so many painful medical surgeries and hurtful rules of rehabilitation to get back on his foot. To regain range of motion and strength of bone can take three months to a year. So, it’s still unsure that whether he will ever be able to return to the golf course.

Though this is hard to tell what will happen to Woods’s golf career, we all should hope for the best and the thing is, there are some major injuries cases we have seen in the past that happened with athletics. And luckily they managed to recover themselves, unfortunately not all of them.

We know that with proper guidance and willpower, one can do anything. The example we see regarding this matter is Alex Smith.

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Last season, he got a gruesome leg break. This quarterback footballer is now returning to the field. Another golfer Ben Hogan faced a car accident and he also managed to come back from injuries.

Is Tiger Woods’s Accident Serious?

But Tiger Woods’s wounds are more serious and extensive. Because of the car accident, he got injured in his legs, knee, waist, and in his neck. His lower right leg was smashed by the incident and his right foot also faced severely injured. Surgeons had to cut the tissue covering of his left leg to relieve pressure cause they got swelled too much.

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Doctors put a rod into Woods’s shinbone and they also had to insert screws and pins into his foot and ankle. The doctor says that this kind of leg friction can cause massive disability and paralysis.

Tiger Woods Injury
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As the Woods shin got infected it’s causing damage to his tendons and muscles. This also causing him bleeding and swelling of muscles. If the swelling doesn’t stop then Woods will have to face much more problems.

According to the doctor’s speech, it’s not the time to mourn over his golf career cause he could have died and this is what happens most of the time. So we all should be thankful cause he survived this massive accident and he is getting better day by day.

Tiger Woods faced this horrible car accident because of his rashness. The sharif said that the reason for the car accident is overspeeding. There were no traffic problems involved, the road was clear. But Woods was driving his car 84 to 87 mph and the road speed limit is 45 mph. Woods heat a tree on the road at 75 mph.


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