AIG Women’s Brithish Open 2021 Live Broadcast Guide
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AIG Women’s British Open 2021 is once again ready to begin its journey. This will be the last major tournament of this year. And the tournament will also be the qualifying event for the upcoming 2021 Solheim Cup, which take place this September. This time the event is going to take place in Carnoustie, which is considered the hardest golf course of all time.

Players will have to work a bit hard for the prize. And they are ready that, soon the bell of AIG Women’s British Open 2021 will start to ring.

Here we prepare an article on AIG Women’s British Open 2021. Here we talked about the game timetable, place, schedule, previews, where to live stream, who are playing, and some other stuff. We hope you will like it and grab the information you need.

When and where is the AIG Women’s British Open 2021?

From 19 August to 22 August

Approximate kick-off time 6 AM to 1 PM. (Time in EST)

AIG Women’s Open is fixed to play for four days. The tournament will start on August 19 and it will finish its course on 22 August. All the matches will take place between these times. Check out the schedule below for a better understanding.

2021 Women’s British Open will take place at the Carnoustie golf course. It’s located in Carnoustie, the city of Scotland.

They will host the game for the second time. The first was 10 years ago. It’s considered the toughest golf course in the whole world. First thing is, the course was very difficult to create and the second this is, it’s beside the sea, so the wild wind makes it worst from time to time.

Women’s British Open 2021 Schedule:

Here is the complete schedule of AIG Women’s British Open 2021-

  • Thursday, August 19- 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Friday, August 20- 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 21- 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Sunday, August 22- 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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AIG Women’s Open 2021 Previews:

British Open 2021 is already underway. It’s the most significant tour in the women’s golf tournament. Players from all around the world have come here to take part in the competition. Cause nobody wanna miss the most honorable tournament of the year.

Previously, the tournament was known as the British Women’s Open. But for the last two times, they changed the name. Now it’s known as the AIG Women’s Open. They had to change the name for sponsored issue.

2021 AIG Women’s British Open will be the 45th British Open. Since the very begging of this event, it attracts all golfers. The tournament is famous and popular because of its rough and hard courts.

The event is part of the LPGA major Tour. The tournament will be the 21st major championship on the LPGA tournament. This made the competition more attractive to the world. It’s also the last major tournament of this year. So, don’t miss the game and enjoy the fight among the world’s most renowned golfers.

The score and performance are also a huge matter here. Cause everything will be count on the next tournament. So, players will do their best to upgrade their points.

Another important thing is, Women’s British Open is also a final qualifying match of the 2021 Solheim Cup. The Solheim Cup will take place is this year in September.

The total prize money for the event is 5.8 million dollars. The winner will get 8,70,000 dollars. The second and third position golfer will get 572,750 and 414,828 dollars respectably.

How to Live Stream AIG Women’s British Open 2021?

There are multiple options available to live stream the AIG Women’s British Open 2021. To enjoy the match you could use-

  1. Golf Channel (USA)
  2. NBC (USA)
  3. Peacock (USA)
  4. Sky Sports (UK)
  5. Eurosports (UK)

Golf Channel is a very popular tv channel based in America. It’s a sports channel where they mainly focused on golf. The channel is owned by NBC Sports. It’s a part of NBC Sports. As this channel’s main work is is to focus on golf so it would be a wise decision to watch the game on Golf Channel cause obviously we will get some extra footage and advantages.

Besides the Golf Channel, NBC will broadcast the whole game too. The broadcasting of NBC and Golf Channel is pretty the same. But in the last round of the British Open 2021 will only be available on NBC.

Peacock is a live streaming server based in the USA. It’s the best service for watching the AIG Women’s Open 2021 online. The apps will allow you to live stream the whole event without paying single money. Cause Peacock doesn’t require any money for a subscription.

Sky Sports is now one of the biggest channels in the UK. They are maintaining the whole live streaming operation of the UK alongside some other channels. You could watch the whole show with Sky Sports without having any trouble. They have both traditional TV channel service and online service.

Our last streaming option is Eurosports. They are from the UK but they operate their program in many countries. So, this could help you a lot, if you are not from the UK or the USA.

Good luck watching the game.

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Players to watch in this tournament:

Well, the main attractions of the tournament are most Nelly Korda. She won the first major of the LPGA Tour. And then she achieved the highest honor an athlete could ever purchase, the Gold Medal at the Olympics. After her gold medal-winning, this will be her first coming to a major tournament. And she has a great chance to win the last major contest of the year. Lydia Ko is here too, the bronze winner of the last Olympic games. Some other best competitors of AIG Women’s British Open 2021 is-

  1. Nelly Korda
  2. Sophia Popov
  3. Lydia Ko
  4. Leona Maguire
  5. AtthayaThitikul
  6. Mel Reid
  7. Jennifer Kupcho
  8. AriyaJutanugarn


These were everything about the AIG Women’s Open 2021. Hope you got, what you were looking for. If we miss anything then let us know in the comment box, we will provide the information too. Enjoy the game with your friends and family.


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