8 Tips For An Amazing NHL Game Experience

Attending a National Hockey League (NHL) game can give an unforgettable experience for any hockey fan; from the sound of the puck hitting the boards to the roar of the crowd after a goal, there’s nothing quite like being in the arena.

On that note, below are eight tips for an amazing NHL game experience. If you’re a hockey enthusiast or a big fan of the sport, read on to learn more.

1. Understand the History of the NHL Arenas

Take some time to explore the arena before the game starts to relish its aesthetic beauty. Most NHL arenas in Northern America have historical significance and have existed for a very long time. There are new ones too.

Knowing some background information about the arena where you’ll watch your favorite NHL games gives you a more fulfilling experience. Seeing how the arena builder has taken their time to build to ensure the atmosphere is perfect for you impart positive energy. Such information lets you know the stadiums’ capacity as well to understand how many fans you’ll watch the games with.

Moreover, you can know where to buy drinks, the suitable seating spot, and the extraordinary amenities in the field. You can visit the team store to pick up some merchandise, check out the food and beverage options available, and familiarize yourself with the arena’s layout.

2. Buy Tickets and Arrive at the Game Early

Don’t wait to buy game tickets at the gate because you might not get the space or seat you want, especially if it’s a big game. Ensure you secure your tickets early and have them reserved. On the same note, arrive at the arena early to avoid long lines and give yourself plenty of time to find your seats, purchase snacks, and settle in before the game starts.

Avoid the last-minute rush. Getting in earlier will help you find the best parking spot and enjoy the pregame atmosphere. You have time to visit the team store, grab food and drinks, and find your seat without feeling rushed. And you can get the rare opportunity of speaking to a famous player before the game starts.

3. Choose the Right Seat

The location of your seat can make a big difference in your overall game experience. Whether you’re purchasing tickets in advance or buying them at the box office, it’s important to be mindful of your seating.

Choosing a seat with a good view of the field is key to enjoying the game. Consider factors such as whether you prefer to sit behind the goal or at center ice. If possible, try to pick a seat near the center of the rink or the penalty box.

Alternatively, if you want to see the game from a different perspective, opt for seats higher up in the stands. Having a better view of the action and seeing the best game scorers can help you stay engaged throughout the game.

4. Learn the Rules of Hockey

Having a great hockey experience starts by learning the basics and some of the rules of hockey. You’ll get into the game with insights into what’s happening, like why there’s a penalty.

A standard hockey game comprises three periods of 20 minutes each, totaling 60 minutes of gameplay. There are 17-minute intermissions between each period. If the game is tied, there’ll be a five-minute extra period. The game will proceed to a shootout if the overtime period doesn’t result in a winner. You can take your time and learn from watching videos and articles on hockey games.

5. Cheer For Your Team

Pay attention to the game and stay engaged all throughout. Don’t spend too much time on your phone or chatting with friends, as you might miss important moments in the game. At the same time, while it’s important to cheer for your team, be respectful of other fans and players. Avoid using foul language and refrain from making derogatory comments.

While it can be tempting to get caught up in the excitement of the game, it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening on the ice to help you follow the action and understand the game better. You may want to bring a program or scorecard to help you keep track of the players and their stats.

Plus, NHL fans are known for their enthusiastic chants and cheers. Getting involved in these chants can be a fun way to show support for your team and feel more connected to the game. Before the game, familiarize yourself with the most common chants and be ready to join in when the time comes.

6. Engage With Other Fans

Attending an NHL game is an excellent opportunity to connect with fans who share your passion for the sport. Strike up a conversation with your fellow fans and make new friends. You may even find that you have much in common with some people around you.

Engaging with other fans can enhance your NHL game experience and build a community around your favorite team. So, don’t be afraid to connect with fellow fans and share your love of the game.

7. Wear Your Favorite NHL Team’s Favorite Attire

Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers to adjust to the temperature in the arena easily. Also, consider wearing team merchandise or colors to support your favorite team. In fact, you can print your name on your shirt or your beloved hockey player’s and wear it to the game as a means of lending your support.

8. Stay Until The Game Ends

It’s essential to stay until the end of the game. Even if your team loses initially, the game can change instantly towards the end; and you never know what might happen. And staying until the end shows support for your team and helps you avoid the rush of the crowds leaving early.

In hockey, anything can happen in the final minutes of a game. A team can score a game-tying or game-winning goal, or the game can go overtime. By staying until the end, you won’t miss any exciting moments the game can offer.


Having an amazing NHL game experience is your goal as a die-hard fan. Hence, take your time to learn about what hockey entails from its history, the arenas, and what fans do at games. You’ll ensure you get the most out of watching and showing your never-ending support.

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