Don’t Risk It: Why Every Hockey Player Needs a Neck Guard

Hockey’s popularity has grown, and with it, the need for player security.

It can be quite amazing to think that in years past, hockey players played without helmets!

As technology progressed and our ability to stay safe on frozen ice improved, so too has our sport.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at neck guards. We will answer some basic questions about what it is and why you should use one, as well as provide additional details to consider before purchasing or using one.

What Exactly is a Neck Guard?

A neck guard is a type of protective equipment that is designed to protect the neck and throat from injuries during certain activities or sports.

Neck guards are typically made from a durable and flexible material, such as foam or plastic, and are designed to be worn around the neck like a collar.

A hockey neck guard is a piece of hockey equipment that protects the player’s neck. It’s worn around the neck and comes in a few different styles—with the most typical type being a cushioned ring of fabric.

How Does it Work to Protect Hockey Players?

Every hockey player should have appropriate protective equipment to reduce the chance of injury. A proper fit is key when purchasing a hockey neck guard; purchasing items too large will increase the risk of injury.

Hockey Neck Guards are essential equipment for the safety of hockey players, protecting them from injuries to their necks. A quality hockey neck guard should fit securely around the neck with its chin cup so that it won’t move around during play.

How Do You Wear a Hockey Neck Guard?

The standard hockey neck guards, which are cushioned, are very comfortable to put on.

They appear and are used like a standard dog collar, but they’re much simpler to put on because they generally have a basic Velcro strap.

After you’ve put your shirt on, just slide the neck guard over your neck, then connect the velcro strap, making sure to ensure it stays in place.

The Dangers of Playing Hockey Without a Neck Guard

Playing professional hockey is extremely dangerous. Hockey is possibly the most dangerous sport on Earth.

  • Hockey sticks can cause serious damage. If you are a professional player, you can be prepared to suffer facial injuries (possibly serious) many times during the course of the season.
  • Hockey skates are sharp. There have also been instances of athletes having cuts to their necks (although this is not a common occurrence).

Hockey players face a number of injuries during their games. Although proper training and conditioning can reduce the risks for most, playing hockey at the professional level comes with its own risks – injuries are part and parcel of being an athlete.

How Can Neck Guards Help Prevent Injuries?

Neck guards are used with the intention of helping stop lacerations by creating enough protection between neck guards and skate blades.

The design characteristics of the device provide resistance to cuts that cover the weak structures of the neck while providing an appropriate amount of comfort to the athlete. There are currently several neck guards that are advertised for use in hockey on ice, but there is no evidence of their efficacy.

Neck guards that can be adjusted according to loading conditions and angles to reduce the risk of neck laceration are available.

The majority of neck guards demonstrated similar resistance to lacerations. Cuts with a load of 300N or lower were successfully avoided.

Neck guard types can often predict when an injury to the device may occur, though not all of them are equally vulnerable.

Why Some Players Still Don’t Wear Neck Guards?

In most leagues, neck guards aren’t mandatory for hockey. They’re not mandatory in the NHL or in the majority of teams for high schools. However, they could be needed for youth hockey teams.

But neck protectors are still essential parts of equipment for protection, and it’s recommended that all young hockey athletes have a neck guard.

How to Choose the Right Neck Guard?


A hockey helmet’s weight is a key factor to take into consideration when selecting a hockey neck protector. A light hockey neck guard allows for easy movement, and a larger neck guard may offer a little more protection, but it could get covered in sweat during the course of the game and feel uncomfortable.


A hockey neck protector is vital and can significantly affect your comfort in the game. Its design for hockey neck guards has to be ergonomic in order that they offer players maximum comfort and protection against injuries.


One of the most important aspects of the neck guard that you should be paying attention to is the fabric. The material you choose to use should be durable yet soft on the neck. There’s nothing more unpleasant than a swollen and uncomfortable neck guard.


It is essential to take into consideration the size when selecting a hockey neck protector. The various hockey neck guards are available in various sizes, from small to extra-large, that can fit players of all sizes.


Are you a fervent hockey player who hits the ice on a regular basis, or perhaps just a person who likes to skate time? A neck protector is important regardless of the frequency you intend to use it can affect the amount you’d like to invest in.

Typically, neck protectors range between $10 and $30, so whatever you pick, you’ll be able to purchase a neck guard that will protect your neck and neck without breaking the bank.

Bib or no Bib

A neck guard that has bibs provides more security for the area around your neck. However, many people do not find this added protection comfortable. In general, the bib neck guards are a little more expensive.

What are the best neck guards?

Bauer NG NLP7 Core Hockey Neck Guard 

  • Price: $17.99
Brand Bauer
Color Black
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 4.4 x 1.6 inches
Package Weight 0.15 Pounds
Age Range (Description) Youth

Are you looking for a low-cost way to shield your neck while skating? We suggest this low-cost Bauer NG NLP7 Hockey neck guard. It’s been shown to guard against neck injuries and cuts thanks to its lightweight design and is completely adjustable.

Although it’s not going to provide the same amount of coverage as the more expensive models, we felt safe with this low-cost neck guard. It’s dry and comes with DuPont Kevlar fibers that provide an incredibly soft, smooth feel against the body.

The moisture-management technology is there, and along with BNQ certification, We believe we can trust the Bauer neck protector to complete the task, and it is less expensive than many other choices.


  • The most affordable quality neck guard available.
  • Moisture management technology.
  • Reinforced nylon collar.
  • CE and BNQ-certified.


  • There is no protection for bibs.
  • Quality isn’t as great as premium, more expensive alternatives.

CCM 900 Cut Resistant Neck Guard

  • Price: $24.99
Brand CCM
Color Black
Material Leather
Sport type Hockey
Package Weight 2 Ounces
Size Junior

CCM 900 cut-resistant neck guard offers many of the same advantages at a great value for the money. Constructed with two pieces of fabric for soft comfort and flexibility, this fitting provides some of the most comfortable and flexible fittings available today.

Similar to the Pro Cut, BNQ, the certified 900 cut neck guard, provides adequate protection – though it lacks CCM’s bib (an expensive extra). A softly-lined interior prevents skin irritation, while its cut-resistant material shields you against abrasions on frozen ice.

Our stretch-velcro neck guard has been thoroughly tested, and we were delighted with its ease of adjustment. CCM loves customized ice hockey outfits. So we were especially eager to try out the customized comfort box that comes included with this neck guard.


  • Excellent value for money with affordable.
  • Flexible and breathable, featuring durable cut-resistant material with a soft inner lining.
  • Easy adjustment using stretch Velcro strap.
  • BNQ certified.


  • Only BNQ certification, not CE like Pro Cut, which is more expensive.
  • There is no bib or cover around the neck.

Aegis Interceptor Hockey Neck Protector

  • Price: $35.95
Color Black
Material Nylon, Spandex
Closure type Hook & Loop
Package Weight ‎0.08 Kilograms
Size Medium

The unique impact resistance creates this Aegis Interceptor, another one of our top hockey neck guards. It’s true that it’s one of the comfiest head protectors we’ve ever worn. The soft, lightweight design is a statement on its own!

What we like about Aegis is that they designed the world’s first neck guard, which is a combination of protection against slash and impact, to help defend hockey players.

When you’re looking for stretch fabrics as well as moisture control and robust protection against brutal collisions and smacks, the Aegis Interceptor lives up to its name. The stretchy material is able to withstand the impact and then return to its original form by absorbing the force and protecting you.


  • Amazing resistance to slash and impact with D30 protection from impact.
  • Significantly lessens impact force on the neck.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Kelvar fibers and moisture-control stretchy fabrics for moisture control.


  • No bib.

How Do You Know If a Neck Guard Fits Properly?

The most effective method of fitting neck protection is to wrap one on your neck. Ensure that it doesn’t restrict your movement or slide across your neck. It should completely cover the throat. If you’re wearing a bib style, it must extend to the chest’s upper area.

The neck protector must fit snugly but not too tight. It must completely protect the throat. If it’s a bib-style neck guard, it must also cover the chest region. The use of tape, not zipping fully, and changing the neck guard in any way restrict protective capabilities.

Is It Important to Wear a Hockey Neck Guard?

Yes, it is important to wear a hockey neck guard.

Due to how fragile and vulnerable neck guards are, they are often used as a way of shielding the neck from potential injuries like skate or stick impacts, as well as other types of trauma to this region.

There have been documented cases of life-threatening injuries suffered by hockey players who didn’t wear a neck protector.

Neck guards typically consist of shock-proof padding encased in a tough, long-lasting liner.

How Much Do Hockey Neck Guards Cost?

Neck guards are available in a variety of styles based on the model you choose.

Standard neck guards are the most cost-effective and can often be purchased for less than $30.

The shirts that are neck guards are typically the most costly because you’re purchasing an athletic undershirt, as well. They can cost anywhere from $50-$80.

Goalie neck protectors generally vary from around $30 to $60.


A neck guard is an invaluable investment to protect your neck from injury and the effects of hockey’s high-impact style games.

Today, we’ve discussed the top hockey neck guards for every budget; ultimately, it comes down to finding the combination of comfort and protection that works best for you during play.

No matter which neck guard you select, they will offer sufficient protection. It all comes down to what feel you prefer playing with.

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