Top 5 Sweden Ice Hockey Players of All Time

Sweden has a long and storied history when it comes to ice hockey. Over the years, they’ve produced some of the greatest players in the world and have enjoyed many successes both internationally and domestically. Here are five Swedish ice hockey players who are considered among the best ever:

Peter Forsberg

Peter Forsberg is arguably Sweden’s most renowned ice hockey player. He began his career with Modo Hockey in 1989 and made his debut in the NHL with the Quebec Nordiques two years later. During his 13-year career in the NHL, Peter won two Stanley Cups and was included in All-Star teams for 3 times. He also captured two Olympic golds during his international appearances for Team Sweden. At the moment, he actively maintains his Instagram and shares moments from his life.

Henrik Lundqvist

Nicknamed “The King”, Henrik Lundqvist is perhaps Sweden’s most decorated player of all time. The goaltender from Are was instrumental in helping Sweden win gold at both the Turin Olympics in 2006 and World Championship in 2017. During his 15-year career with the New York Rangers, Lundqvist won a record-breaking 400 games, one Vezina trophy and 5 nominations on it (awarded to the league’s best goaltenders). Now he has a super popular Instagram account with almost 600k followers and thousands of likes on his post.

Mats Sundin

Mats Sundin played 17 seasons in the NHL before retiring in 2009 as one of Sweden’s greatest players ever. His résumé includes nine All-Star Game appearances and nearly 1,349 points scored throughout 1,346 games across Europe and North America combined with over 200 playoff games where he accrued 114 points! Despite never winning a Stanley Cup, Mats remains one of Sweden’s most beloved players to this day due to his longevity within elite competitions such as IIHF World Championships & NHL playoffs alike!

Daniel Sedin

Daniel Sedin had an impressive 18-year stint playing for Vancouver, leading them to two consecutive Stanley Cup Finals appearances within three years prior to retiring earlier this year. During this period he posted over 745 points overall while also collecting lengthy streaks such as 825 consecutive regular season games played – all without missing a single contest! Through various charitable causes & initiatives that he & brother Henrik started up while playing together on Vancouver Canucks’ roster it is no surprise that Daniel remains widely popular among fans even after retirement too!

Nicklas Lidström

Nicklas Lidström was widely considered one of if not THE best defensemen of all time during his 20-year stint playing for Detroit Red Wings organization between 1991 till 2011. His accolades include seven Norris Trophies (awarded for defenseman excellence), ten first team All-Star selections & 2 second team selection awards plus another seven separate top 4 finishes at either position along with claiming both individual & team records across respective categories making him an ideal candidate for any Top 5 lists concerning Swedish ice hockey players!


These five great Swedish ice hockey players have all written their names in the history books of the sport and are considered to be some of the best. Each one has achieved great success both individually and as a team, making them true legends of the game. When it comes to Swedish ice hockey, these five should always be remembered.

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