Indy 500 live stream guide

Indy 500 2021 will be the 105th automobile race tournament of Indy 500. Since the begging of this race contest, it made his place in the viewer’s and player’s hearts. It considered one of the biggest racing events of all time. This year we will see Mike Tirico as the host and Danica Patrick will be in charge of the studio analyst. And NBC is the official broadcaster of this whole event.

Here we prepared an article on how to live stream Indy 500 2021 from anywhere you want and the date and time of this race. Let’s get started.

Indy 500 2021 Date and Time:

Date: 30 May 2021, Sunday

Time: 4.00 PM ET

Venue: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indy 500 2021 practices match started on 18 May and the qualifying match began on 22 May. And the final race will take place on 30 May. The pre-race show will start at 11 AM ET, the main race event is at 4 PM ET and the post-race show is at 5 PM ET.

This 500 mile, 200 laps race event will take place on Sunday, 30 May 2021 in Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

How to Live Stream the Indy 500 2021?

Indy 500 is everyone’s favourite and probably the most dangerous car racing. Besides entertaining us, it gives us thrill as well. Watching this highly risky race always put our mind in situations where we afraid to live physically. It’s the heart of all racing cars tournaments. This contest awakes the deepest sleepy mind cell. People see, watch, enjoy and experience how it feels like to live in the moment.

That’s why this race is very important for everyone, for the viewers, players, organizers. The best way to enjoy that exciting feeling is to watch an event with a live audience from the stadium. But sorry to say that, only a few will able to watch this from stadium cause of Covid-19 situation.

Anyway, most people will enjoy the race from home with their live streaming platform.

Below, we talked about all the possible ways of live streaming the 2021 Indy 500. Read them carefully and select the option that fits you best.

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How to watch the 2021 Indy 500 with TV Cable Line:

Indy 500 2021 is available on both servers, TV cable lines,s, and online platforms. Easiest option in the TV cable line if you already have one.

Indy 500’s official broadcaster is NBC. NBC is broadcasting the show from 2019. Till 2018 the race was broadcast by another famous TV channel, ABC. NBC has so many sister channels and networks. Besides the NBC mother channel, the race will also available on NBCSN. NBC will broadcast the whole program, practice match, qualifying match, pre-match, post-match, and literally everything. If you have a cable connection in the home then don’t worry about the live streaming, take some beer and sit in front of the TV. If your cable doesn’t include NBC, then called your TV cable manager for help.

Use an Online Platform to Watch Indy 500 2021:

The online platform always gives so much more options than the traditional TV ways. It doesn’t matter what you want to watch, movies news, or sports, the online sector always happens to have more options than regular media. We have the three best methods in the online sector to watch the Indy 500 2021. Let’s check them out,

You must be familiar with Peacock live streaming server. It’s a USA-based live streaming platform and it’s own by NBC. With this live streaming server, you could watch the whole race event. Peacock’s monthly subscription cost is 5 dollars and for the annual package, you will have to pay, 50 dollars.

If you don’t want to buy the subscription of Peacock then you could directly use NBC Sports apps. It’s available on various platforms. If you have an NBC subscription then using this app will be a wise decision.

Or you could always go to the third option. Just visit NBC’s official and there we will find the whole game. If you don’t have a TV cable line or any streaming apps then this simple way is the best solution to watch the Indy 500.

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Worldwide Options:

Indy 500 has a worldwide fan base. But International viewers may face difficultly in getting access to those channels we have mentioned above. So, here is the list of 2021 Indy 500 live streaming channels of different countries.


For UK fans, the game will be broadcast on the Sky Sports channel. If you don’t have tv cable line then you can choose the online Sky services. Their apps SkyGo will broadcast the race from first to last second. For a Sky Sports subscription, you will need to pay 33.99 pounds.

You could also use Now TV for live streaming purposes. They broadcast the same event as Sky Sports but their subscription cost less than Sky Sports.


Australia has some amazing live streaming and those are very popular in the whole world. Australian Indy 500 fans have three options to watch the race. Let’s see.

Australian most popular live streaming media is Foxtel. They broadcast all types of shows and events. Indy 500 will be available on Foxtel Plus. Foxtel Plus monthly subscription cost is 49 dollars.

Another sport live streaming media available in Australia, name Kayo Sports. Kayo is mainly famous for sports-related shows. Indy 500 will also be shown in Kayo. Kayo Sports monthly subscription cost 25 dollars for the basic plan and the premium plan will cost 35 dollars.

If you don’t want Foxtel or Kayo live streaming service then there is another one available for you. It’s Fox Sports. Fox Sports is not just popular in Australia but also has users from around the whole world. Fox Sports subscription cost is 64.99 dollars per month.


For Canadian Indy 500 fans, the race will be broadcast by the SportsNet 360. It’s a Canadian-based popular sport live streaming platform. They have both TV cable and online services. If you have a cable line subscribed then SportsNet 360 online streaming won’t charge any money. And the subscription cost of SportsNet 360 is 9.99 dollars per month.

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The whole race event will be broadcast by NBC in the USA. For online streaming, you could use NBC apps, NBC official website, or Peacock live streaming server. In the above, we mentioned these watching methods elaborately.


Our favourite contested is now playing the qualifying match. Soon, we will see the main event racer. If you want to bate on them chose your player wisely. Enjoy the match with friends and family, feel free to ask anything.


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