Ironman Marathon

An Ironman Marathon may prove hard for the body of even the most seasoned athletes. Using CBD products or, in some cases, THC, the fatigue could be done away with in a single use. There are safe and legal ways to use cannabinoids.

Any form of exercise takes a toll on the body. Simply running a few miles will have even the most seasoned runners heaving and tired. Now imagine an ironman marathon where athletes are expected to swim, cycle, and run all competitively within a given time. One of our experts from AskGrowers completed such a feat and reported only to have been saved by dosing with CBD. The question is, would smoking cannabis before running help with the effects of the run?

Marijuana is fast becoming a common household name, with its users continuing to peak. Stoners often report various benefits from using the drug, from overall relaxation to alleviating pain and stress. Would these benefits at one point also help athletes recover from their tedious exercises?

Effects of Cannabis on the Body

Before looking at athletes, it may be helpful to start with an analysis of how exactly cannabis results in its body of effects. Susan Lake, a writer for Triathlete, writes that weed’s impact on the body is due to the endocannabinoid system. She further explains how CB1 and CB2 receptors react with THC and CBD to produce the famed effects.

It should not be assumed that the cannabinoids mentioned above are the only ones in existence. Research shows that the marijuana plant has about 120 cannabinoids, each with unique characteristics once ingested. Similarly, the two main ones, THC and CBD, have differing effects. Here is a breakdown of each.


Each marijuana strain contains a different amount of THC. Some with over 20% and some with less than 10%. According to the federal government, any plant with more than 0.3% THC is illegal. At the state levels, cannabinoid is considered legal depending on the legalization conditions in the specific states.

When it comes to the effects of THC, it mainly combines with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to a small extent. It then floods the body with the euphoric feeling that people have come to know as the high. Besides the high, it also works to relax the body muscles, impair short-term memory and increase a person’s appetite resulting in munchies.


THC’s counterpart, CBD, is not considered illegal in the United States as of 2018. The cannabinoid has even been dropped from WADA’s list of prohibited substances for athletic competitions. Any CBD product containing less than 0.3% THC can be found in dispensaries and stores online.

On matters of use, CBD is found to be increasingly effective in reducing pain, improving mood, and relieving stress and anxiety. This results from its reaction with the CB receptors, inhibiting the reception of pain, stress, moods, and the like. Medical researchers have taken to looking into more of its beneficial features, as there are claims that it can even cure cancer.

How Athletes Can Use Marijuana to Recover from an Ironman Marathon

Cannabis, as mentioned, contains a range of effects that help the body. Let’s start by discussing whether athletes can use weed for recovery or in between races. The WADA list of prohibited substances cites most of its cannabinoids as being restricted. Since the Ironman Marathon is run under WADA regulations, it is normal for athletes to be subjected to drug tests.

 Any athlete with more than 35-150 ng/ml can be restricted from competing and sometimes suspended. Marijuana is a threshold drug, meaning WADA allows THC to a given level in the system.

Considering that CBD is legal, athletes can take their CBD products without any ramifications from WADA. CBD products offer the same benefits as weed without the euphoric impact of THC. Also, they exist in different shapes and mediums, giving athletes a choice of what they prefer most. It may also be worth noting that since the drug stays for some weeks in the system, athletes can take the full spectrum variety when they are not due for competition in a while.

Things to Note When Using Weed to Relax for Athletes

Using cannabis for relaxation after a marathon differs from using it for recreational purposes. The goal of the use is to help relieve the body of its stresses and anxieties, which leans more towards the medical benefits. Here are some things you should have in mind as you take that route;

Sourcing the CBD Products

With state legalization, dispensaries have been opened in physical locations and online stores. For first-time users, visit the stores and learn which strains and products are most suitable for relaxation.

Dosage of the Cannabis

If you are a beginner, caution is always preached with marijuana products. Seasoned users can use high-tolerance products. Beginners can start with low-potency products and continue increasing the dosage per their needs. Taking high doses can lead to adverse side effects.

Method of Use

There is a method of use for everyone. While some may prefer smoking, others may take edibles and other tinctures. For CBD running recovery, it may be best to avoid smoking. Smoking compromises the lungs, which in the end, may result in more harm than good. 


After completing an Ironman Marathon, it is more likely that your body will be spent. There is always the option of taking a hot tea and sleeping for hours. A better alternative is using marijuana products. Filled with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the compound relieves the body of its tiredness, relaxes the muscles and joints, works on the pain, and delivers better relaxation for the mind and body. After the marathon, one can use THC products if they will not be racing again soon or CBD if they will be. Either way, relaxation is guaranteed.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports and Surprise Movies.


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