Top 10 UFC Knockout in History

The nature of a fighting game is harsh, unkind, tough, and sometimes inhuman too. Fighters lying on the ground sparked out, bleeding, and scratched all over his body. You have no idea how fast that could happen. The saying “you blink, and you miss it” is quite famous in UFC knockout.

Many times in UFC history, fighters knock out their foe just in a few seconds. We are going to discuss the 10 greatest and fastest UFC knockouts in history.




Jorge Masvidal (winner) vs. Ben Askren

5 seconds

UFC 239

Duane Ludwig (Winner) vs. Jonathan Goulet

6 seconds

UFC Fight Night 3

Todd Duffee (winner) vs. Tim Hague

7 seconds

UFC 102

Terrance McKinney (winner) vs. Matt Frevola

7 seconds 

UFC 263

Ryan Jimmo (winner) vs. Anthony Perosh

7 seconds

UFC 149

Leon Edwards (winner) vs. Seth Baczynski

8 seconds

UFV Fight Night 64

Makwan Amirkhani (winner) vs. Andy Ogle

8 seconds

UFC on Fox 14

James Irvin (winner) vs. Houston Alexander

8 seconds

UFC Fight Night 13

Don Frye (winner) vs. Thomas Ramirez

8 seconds


Gray Maynard (winner) vs. Joe Veres

9 seconds

UFC Fight Night 11

1. Jorge Masvidal (winner) vs. Ben Askren – 5 Seconds

Jorge Masvidal vs. Ben Askren

The fastest UFC knockout in history belongs to Jorge Masvidal who finished off his enemy just in 5 seconds in UFC 239 where he faced Ben Askren.

Askren had quite a reputation for his powerful punches, and end-game beating downed enemy technique. Before meeting Masvidal, Askren put Robbie Lawler in sleep mode during his UFC debut match a few months earlier.

So he was optimistic about his bout with Masvidal, and if Askren would win the fight then he had a shot at the title match.

When the fight began, Masvidal did a shutter step, and then Askren ran towards Masvidal for a takedown. Just when Askren reached the center, Masvidal landed a flying knee on his enemy, it hit Askren’s shoulder and the upper side of the chest.

Askren failed to prevent that kick and went down to the floor instantly. Masvidal though a few punches on the same spot but Askren was already gone.

The referee didn’t hesitate and stopped the fight. The unbelievable victory made Masvidal a superstar.

2. Duane Ludwig (winner) vs. Jonathan Goulet – 6 Seconds

Duane Ludwig vs. Jonathan Goulet

For more than 13 years, Duane Ludwig holds the fastest UFC knockout in history. Most people don’t know about this massive achievement of Ludwig. Most of the fans know him as a coach, he was an outstandingly talented fighter too.

On January 16, 2006, at UFC Fight Night 3, Ludwig vs. Jonathan Goulet match Ludwig made his return to the UFC. When the fight began, the pair circled a bit and then came close to attack. Ludwig first threw a dangerous punch, and it perfectly landed on Goulet’s chin.

Goulet couldn’t take it and immediately touched the ground. He tried to stand up in the next seconds, but the game is already over. Goulet was shocked too after this unforgettable loss.

However, the bout is recorded to last 11 seconds in history cause of the referee’s fault. Dana White and UFC both stated that the bout should have stopped in 6 seconds. In fact, anyone with stopped can verify the amount of time Ludwig took to knockout Goulet.

3. Todd Duffee (winner) vs. Tim Hague – 7 Seconds

Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague

Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague has an extra important in UFC promotion history as the bout is recorded as one of the fastest and most brutal UFC knockouts in history. It was Duffee’s first match in UFC. On the other hand, Hague came to the fight after winning his debut fight over Pat Barry by submission.

When the fighter entered the octagon, Duffee refused to touch gloves with Hague. The commentator said before the match started, the fight would come down to who lands first. Well, he was right, and this is exactly what happens.

Two seconds later when the clock started to run, Duffee dropped a huge right-hand punch, and the Canadian crumbled instant. Duffee didn’t stop, he went to his downed enemy and through some merciless punches that left Hague unconscious on the floor.

Heavyweight bouts are different compared to other divisions, so that has so many controversies and talk. However, they surely know how to entertain us with the most powerful artillery punches.

4. Terrance McKinney (winner) vs. Matt Frevola – 7 Seconds

Terrance McKinney vs. Matt Frevola

UFC 263 took place in Glendale, Arizona, on June 12, 2021, at Gila River Arena under the headline Adesanya vs. Vettori 2. In the early preliminary card, Terrance McKinney vs. Matt Frevola’s bout took place in the lightweight division.

McKinney debuted his UFC journey with that match. On the other hand, Matt Frevola was already having a good time at UFC and was looking for a chance to establish his name, McKinney was surely not the right to him.

McKinney and Frevola appeared on the octagon. The bell rang, they touched gloves, and right then McKinney landed some powerful punches on Frevola. And just like that, Frevola was dropped dead. By the time he realized he had lost the game, Frevola was what happened.

McKinney didn’t leave any word for Joe Rogan what say. Everybody knew about his fast and speedy technique, and McKinney just proved that once again. It was his 11th professional win and Frevola’s third loss.

5. Ryan Jimmo (winner) vs. Anthony Perosh – 7 Seconds

Ryan Jimmo vs. Anthony Perosh

Ryan Jimmo is a UFC promotion’s one of the best and most dangerous fighters of all time. He was the former MFC Light Heavyweight Champion and the biggest start of The Ultimate Fighter, where he competed for eight seasons. Jimmo played 24 fights, won 19, and in 8 fights, he won by knockout.

Jimmo’s first UFC debut match occurred at UFC 149 on Jul 22, 2012. Among his eight KOs, the most amazing and memorable one happened in his debut bout against Anthony Perosh.

Perosh came to the fight with a three-winning streak. So there was huge pressure on Jimmo as a rookie. All the odds and support were in favor of Perosh, and Jimmo faced booed too, when he stepped into the octagon.

However, no amount of pressure was enough to break the focus of Jimmo. The pairs touched the gloves to begin the fight. And then Jimmo took a few seconds and suddenly dropped his first punch, it was the only punch of the game that hit Perosh’s chin.

That was it, Perosh dropped on the floor, out cold. All of it happens just in 7 seconds, the commentator Joe Rogan shouting “unbelievable” what felt like for five minutes.

6. Leon Edwards (winner) vs. Seth Baczynski – 8 seconds

Leon Edwards vs. Seth Baczynski

Leon Edwards vs. Seth Baczynski UFC at UFC Fight Night 64 on April 11, 2015, in Krakow, Poland. It’s one of the most important matches in the UFC and also for Edwards’s career. Before coming for the fight against Baczynski, Edwards fought against Claudio Silva. That was the debut match for Edwards, and fortune wasn’t on his site that day, losing the game by a split decision.

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In Edwards vs. Baczynski, Baczynski first came forward to attack with the pure intention of putting Edwards on the ground. In his first attempt, Baczynski threw some punches. It didn’t help him that much, so Baczynski threw a front kick to the body.

Well, that kick opened up a gap for Edwards to land his first bomb on Baczynski. Edwards took the chance and dropped a deadly shot which impacted squarely on Seth’s head. 

Baczynski lost control of himself over a second, fell, and was finished off on the canvas. Edwards followed Baczynski to the ground for more punches then the referee stepped in and called off the bout.

When the official clock stopped, only 8 seconds had passed. The bout was tied with the sixth tastes UFC knockout and second fastest knock in the welterweight division.

7. Makwan Amirkhani (winner) vs. Andy Ogle – 8 seconds

Makwan Amirkhani vs. Andy Ogle

Makwan Amirkhani was one of the most fan-favorite fighters of all time. UFC followers were heavily excited about his signing contracts with UFC promotion. The fans have the perfect reason, though, for being so crazy about Amirkhani. Amirkhani was an unstoppable fighter in his amateur and other fights. So, his signing with UFC promotion was a big deal.

Unfortunately, at that time, Andy Ogle’s position wasn’t stable. He lost four previous matches in UFC and was trying so hard to make a win. He was hoping for a win against Amirkhani. It was Amirkhani debut match, so Ogle thought he could easily take down Amirkhani.

Well, unfortunately, things didn’t go as Ogle planned. As soon as the fight started, Amirkhani sprinted around the octagon and out of nowhere landed a flying knee on Ogle. Only was finished were about to go down by that time. Though it didn’t stop Amirkhani, he then added brutal uppercuts, and then Ogle immediately dropped out.

The referee announced Amirkhani’s winner, and Ogle was like- the hell just happened! The bout created controversy though, people said the ref was in hurry to declare Amirkhani as the winner.

In his very first debut UFC match on January 24, 2015, on the preliminary card of UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson, Amirkhani created the history of the fastest knockout in UFC.

8. James Irvin (winner) vs. Houston Alexander – 8 seconds

James Irvin vs. Houston Alexander

The fastest knockout UFC fight we are gonna is discussed now, took place back in 2008 on April 2 in Colorado. At that time both James Irvin and Houston Alexander were trying to establish their name in UFC. And the bout between the Sandman and the Assassin would earn a solidified place in UFC.

Fans were excited about the match as both of the fighters have gifted athletic agility and devastating punching power. Moreover, Irvin and Alexander had previous reputations in KO so everyone knew that the game will surely be ended by KO.

Irvin was coming from a knockout loss against Luiz Cane. However, Irvin has announced the winner cause turns out Cane’s knockout was an illegal knee KO. Alexander was passing a tough time too, his last match was against Thiago Silva, and Alexander ended the game with an unimpressive loss. Victory over Irvin would put him back on the map again.

The bell rang, and Sandman and Assassin touched gloves, circled around, and then Irvin threw a superman punch. That was it, Alexander dropped to the ground, Irvin didn’t take the risk so he added two ground-and-pound shots. In just 8 seconds Irvin won the fight.

After this outstanding victory, Irvin became the headline of a UFC fight against Anderson Silva and lost it.

9. Don Frye (winner) vs. Thomas Ramirez – 8 seconds

Don Frye (winner) vs Thomas Ramirez- 8 seconds

The history of the Don Frye vs Thomas Ramirez bout is 27 years old. Then UFC first started to run and was building its promotion from the ground. The historical fight we are gonna talk about takes place on February 16, 1996, at UFC 8.

When Frye and Ramirez first step into the octagon it creates huge laughs and talk. Ramirez was a huge guy, an unstoppable Puerto Rican, 410 pounds fighter. Ramirez was very famous for his knockout style, he used to be known as the “Knockout Artist.”

On the other hand, Frye was almost a newcomer and a very skinny guy compared to Ramirez. At that time, UFC didn’t announce or published their fighter name in advance. So fans wouldn’t get to see who the competitors were until they appeared in the octagon.

Frye gets booed when he showed up in the octagon by the partisan Puerto Rican crowd.

Both fighters come out punching, and Frye gets to land a couple of right jabs. Frye hits on the button, and that puts Ramirez on the ground.

It became the fastest UFC knockout in history, Frye is also an expert in the fastest submission. He was known as the very first true MMA artist because of his wrestler, boxer, and judo black belt experience.

10. Gray Maynard (winner) vs. Joe Veres – 9 seconds

Gray Maynard (winner) vs. Joe Veres

Today’s fans may not hear about Gray Maynard but he was one of the UFC’s best fighters. Gray Maynard is among the fighters who always stayed on the top hot deal but unfortunately never won a trophy. Although, his legendary fight with Joe Veres has earned a place on the history page that has filled out the void of his not owing a title.

It was Maynard’s second bout in UFC. He was scheduled to fight Veres. The bout was the second fight for Maynard and Veres’s debuting match. Maynard stepped into the fight after completing the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 successfully.

Maynard vs Veres’s fight took place at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19, 2007, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. As soon as the ball rang, Maynard backed up Veres and through a left hook. Well, that put Veres in sleep mode immediately, and after that Maynard added a few ground strikes too.

The ref stepped into the octagon at 4:51 of the first round and ensure the victory of Maynard. And that’s how Maynard wrote his name in the history of the fastest UFC knockout, just in 9 seconds.

The same 9 seconds knockout took place once again in June 2019 when Jairzinho Rozenstruik knock out Allen Crowder. Since 2018, Maynard hasn’t appeared in any fight. However, he is not officially gone retirement yet.


That was the record 10 fastest UFC knockout in history. Hope we get to deliver what you were looking for, thank you for being with us all that time. Honorable fastest UFC knockout bout- Caol Uno vs. BJ Penn 1 (11 seconds), Eugene Jackson vs. Mark Weir (10 Seconds), Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs. Allen Crowder (9 Seconds), and  Chan Sung Jung Vs. Mark Hominick (7 Seconds).

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