If you are a fan of UFC, you probably think you already know everything about this sport. However, even some of the hardcore fans don’t know some of the not-so-popular facts we are going to list in this article. And if you know most of them, we should just say — you are a true UFC master. So, let’s start.

4 not so well know facts about UFC

UFC is a very popular sport with millions of fans worldwide. You might love the sport or have a favorite player you support. Whatever it is, you perhaps made sure to read all you can find about the sport. But we dug even deeper and found 4 very secret facts about UFC we will share with you.

Chuck Norris inspired the Octagon

Probably there is no need to explain that the Octagon is the name of the fighting cage used by the UFC fighters. The term was invented by Jason Cusson back in 1993. The film director revealed that he was inspired by a Chuck Norris movie from 1980 with the same name — “The Octagon.”

In the movie, the main character, played by Norris, was a  Karate champion who, after his retirement, became a Ninja. His mission was to chase bad people and terrorists. Most of his fights took place in a building that was the shape of an octagon, and there is from where the cage came.

They wanted to use alligators and sharks at some point

We are sure you never miss the games of your favorite player but now imagine if there were alligators and sharks involved? Sounds even more thrilling, right? Then you would have one more reason to want to watch every single game. And watching UFC on Firestick is so easy and exciting, even without the involvement of dangerous animals.

But it is true at some point, the organizers of UFC fights thought of including alligators and sharks in the fights. Not literally, of course, but have cages surrounded by such animals. However, the majority of the fighters were against such an idea because, after all, who would like to become shark food?

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The players are not paid as well as you might expect

You might expect that most of the players are getting paid huge numbers. In fact, most of the players are underpaid. It doesn’t seem fair, considering how much the fighters risk and that they can always get hurt. In most cases, the players will get just a portion of the money collected for each game. So, your cut won’t be huge if you are not one of the most famous players.

The number of lawsuits against UFC is huge

You won’t believe it if we say how many lawsuits there are actually against UFC. Those are many legal fights started by fighters, coaches, managers, and viewers. However, UFC organizations are very good at keeping those under wraps because they don’t want to hurt even further the sport’s image.

You might say it is expected to have some lawsuits, considering how dangerous the sport is. But the number is just huge. Another major opponent of UFC in the court of law is the MMA organizations and players. They claim that UFC aims at having a complete monopoly in trying to make other fight sports go down.


Did we manage to surprise you with some of the facts? UFC is a sport with a huge number of fans watching every game live or in front of small screens. So many players and organizations are involved, and each has its secrets and interesting facts. If you are a true fan, never stop digging for more exciting stories about your favorite sport.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports and Surprise Movies.


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