Yair Rodriguez

The UFC 284 event in Perth, Australia, was marked by a contentious fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev. After defeating Josh Emmett, the event also saw Yair Rodriguez become the interim featherweight champion. Both fighters are preparing for a significant showdown at UFC 290 in July, following “The Great’s” unsuccessful attempt to win the lightweight title.

The latest odds and predictions for upcoming featherweight fights, particularly those involving the dominant champion, Volkanovski, are likely to attract the interest of sports betting enthusiasts. For those looking to make informed decisions regarding sports betting, staying up to date on the latest developments in MMA and the featherweight division is critical.

Yair Rodriguez moved closer to achieving every mixed martial artist’s dream of winning a UFC championship title after defeating Josh Emmett, known for his explosive overhand right. Despite the danger posed by Emmett’s knockout power, Rodriguez emerged victorious.

Alexander Volkanovski is now set to face Rodriguez in the only anticipated matchup once he returns to 145 lbs. Although Volkanovski has been on a winning streak, it is possible that Rodriguez could present a challenge and even come out on top.

Yair Rodriguez’s kicking technique is widely acknowledged as his most significant asset in the octagon. His swift and diverse kicks make him a formidable opponent. In his upcoming fight against Alexander Volkanovski, his skill as a kicker will be particularly advantageous. During the interim title match, Rodriguez demonstrated proficiency using body kicks from a southpaw stance against Josh Emmett.

The same tactic could be fruitful against Volkanovski, who prefers an orthodox stance. The alignment of Rodriguez’s rear leg in the southpaw with Volkanovski’s liver is an advantage that can be exploited.

Additionally, Rodriguez uses sidekicks that target his opponent’s lead knee. Volkanovski’s tendency to jab frequently leaves his lead leg exposed to low kicks, making it an ideal target for Rodriguez’s oblique kicks. Given Rodriguez’s stature and reach, he can stop Volkanovski’s forward movement with a powerful oblique kick to the knee.

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One of the MMA fighters who has mastered low-kicking techniques is Alexander Volkanovski. He proved his low-kicking abilities against Max Holloway, which were quite impressive.

Since a fighter must step in with the punch to throw a good jab, it exposes their lead leg to low kicks, and thus, Volkanovski frequently counters jabs with low kicks and calf kicks. However, his opponent, ‘El Pantera,’ is an expert in countering kicks, which could pose a significant challenge for Volkanovski.

Yair Rodriguez has a knack for delivering counterpunches at unexpected times. When facing Alexander Volkanovski, who tends to move forward inside his opponent’s kicks, Rodriguez can unleash his kick-punch combinations and catch his opponent off guard.

This could prove a dangerous strategy for Volkanovski, as Rodriguez has the skill to capitalize on his opponent’s forward movement and land a decisive strike.


Despite the ability of Yari Rodriguez, Alexander Volkanovski is still the fans and analysts’ favourite to win the fight. After seeing how Volkanovski handled Max Holloway three times and beat his predecessor as the greatest of all time in the 145-pound category, Jose Aldo, bettors do not believe any featherweight has a chance to defeat him with a double-digit probability.

Additionally, Volkanovski gave his opponent, Makhachev, the weekend’s most challenging fight of his career. Although Rodriguez performed impressively at UFC 284, it’s worth noting that Josh Emmett is not Makhachev. Nevertheless, the fans must wait until the main event to know who comes out on top.

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