Conor McGregor under fire for going too far against Khabib Nurmagomedov's late father
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Conor McGregor is under fire for his below-the-belt remarks about former undefeated UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The former champ-champ took a jibe at Nurmagomedov’s tweet about Dustin Poirier winning the trilogy fight against McGregor at UFC 264. He later deleted his tweet.

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People believe that McGregor took too far to taunt his former rival, whose father had died after contracting the coronavirus in 2020.

Abdulmanap’s demise had taken a toll on his son and then champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

He immediately announced his retirement on his return to UFC against Justin Gaethje in October 2020, whom he submitted in the second round to add another title defence to his prolific MMA career.

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Ever since losing to the Dagestani star in 2018, McGregor has won only once. He has been dominated in both fights by Dustin Poirier and his trash-talking has made him a controversial figure once again.

Nurmagomedov hasn’t yet responded to or addressed McGregor’s remarks aimed at his father.

What does Daniel Cormier think of Conor McGregor?

“I get shock value and I get trying to get people to talk but way too far. To the point that I immediately called Khabib last night and said, ‘Are you OK?’ Asking him if he’s OK after having to see that, especially with no ability to do anything about it again,” DC said while speaking on his ESPN show with Ryan Clark.

“He spoke to my kids at my wrestling program the other day and said he was never happier than when he got to fight McGregor on the day. Because for so long, he wanted to get his hands on Conor and beat Conor up. Well, he can’t do that no more cause he’s not a prizefighter anymore. So now he just has to kind of swallow that. Way too far.”

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DC was baffled to see that there are still a huge amount of people who support McGregor’s stunts that he feels are highly inappropriate at times.

“Honestly, when Conor does stuff like that, it’s hard to understand how there’s still this mass amount of people that support that type of behavior.”

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Cormier, who has been one of the best UFC stars, was in disbelief, to say the least.

“When you’re dealing with death and COVID and all these other things that we’ve dealt with over the last year and a half, that’s all off-limits. We talked about wives and families being off-limits, but when you’re talking about a man’s everything — Khabib’s dad was his everything — and you’re talking about him being gone today due to something that has been so terrible for our entire world, you use that in a sense to get back?”

Fans reactions to the deleted tweet

Many McGregor fans were perplexed and disappointed to see the former champ-champ say something this grim.

A fan even said that he is not upset anymore that McGregor is suffering from a gruesome leg injury.


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