Ciryl Gane
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Daniel Cormier has shared his views on Ciryl Gane, who has become a major threat to the heavyweight division as he continues to wreak havoc in the organization.

Cormier made the prediction after seeing Gane dominate Derrick Lewis at UFC 265. The unbeaten star will be facing Ngannou in a title unifier soon. 

UFC 265: Fight between Derrick and Gane

Gane despite being an underdog, beat Derrick Lewis in the interim title fight a few days back.

That fight showed the capability of the France native and how he can become the next undisputed champ.

Prediction of Daniel Cormier 

Cormier recently passed a statement on a podcast about who is the biggest threat to Gane: “You asked me who can beat Ciryl Gane, and right now, I’m not certain. You know who I do believe has the best chance to beat him, and this is crazy coming from me – Jon Jones. Jon Jones is the guy that will present the most problems to Ciryl Gane. Why? Because Jon Jones has fought at 205, Jon Jones has the skill of a little guy, Jon Jones has seen athletes before.

“Jon Jones beat me twice. I’m an athlete. He’s seen the speed, he’s seen the foot movement and the angles, he’s had to deal with guys like that before. Now, can he handle that at the weight class above? I don’t know. But I truly believe that Jones is one of the guys that truly can give Ciryl Gane problems, but I don’t know who beats him. I think Francis has his hands full, man. I think Francis really has his hands full.”

Jon Jones, the youngest champion in UFC history

Jonathan Jones, born in July 1987, is an American MMA fighter and now a UFC champion.

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He has won the UFC Light Heavyweight championship twice.

He is also ranked number 1 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings.

Jon Jones controversy 

Jones landed himself in a controversy when he reportedly refused to take on Stipe Miocic for his heavyweight debut. 

He took to Twitter why he was not willing to fight with Stipe: “I’m sick of hearing the same shit, you’re not a big enough star, you don’t bring in enough paper views. I’m ready to fight fights that will bring in the pay-per-view. The world wants to see some black-on-black crime right now and I’m ready to give it to them.”

Cormier’s impartial opinions on Jones

Cormier has been lauded in the MMA circles for giving his unbiased opinions on Jon Jones every now and then.

Both UFC legends have not seen eye-to-eye for years, but the bad blood between them doesn’t bar DC from giving his honest takes on the former light-heavyweight crown holder.

Earlier when the MMA experts, including UFC President Dana White, claimed that Jones should be scare to share the octagon with Francis “The Predator” Ngannou, DC clarified that Jones isn’t the kind of fighter to feel intimidated by anyone.


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