Did you know? MMA veteran Chuck Liddell once punched DJ at party

Did you know? MMA veteran Chuck Liddell once punched DJ at party
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Once a DJ boasted that he could stand UFC legend Chuck Liddell’s punch, so he exactly got what he asked for.

Liddell was one of the most feared UFC fighters and a former Light Heavyweight champion. He recently told MMA fighting about the DJ boasting he could take the UFC’s legend’s hardest punch.

For Liddell, this was a common request from people.

Back in 2009 during the Kentucky Derby weekend, Liddell was with his friends at a nightclub when an odd incident occurred.

In a recent interview, the MMA veteran described that a came up to him and told him that he is trained good enough to absorb a body shot from the martial artist.

Liddell told him off politely by saying that he was a little drunk and was not in the mood to hurt him, but the man insisted.

Liddell did want to make a scene and was definitely not think that the DJ was up for exactly that. The man then talked the fighter into announcing publicly that he was at the club for a party and will get on the stage for the DJ.

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This set Liddell’s pride on the line and he was going to give the DJ exactly what he wanted.

Liddell said: “So he gets on stage and announces to the club that ‘I can take a body shot from Chuck Liddell … and Chuck Liddell is here and I’m going to take a body shot from him!’”

Liddell joked that he did not wish to hurt anybody, but getting called out on stage made him think twice as it was now his reputation on the line.

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“Is he really going to do this?” Liddell said. “I mean if we were at a party, I used to hit people every now and again if they bugged me long enough to hit them. I’d tap them, not real hard but just enough to hurt them a little bit.

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“But now he’s putting me on blast in front of everybody saying I can’t knock him down with a body shot. Now I’ve got to hit him with the kitchen sink. I’m going to hit him with everything.”

Liddell recalled that the DJ went down on his knees and started moaning for a long time after absorbing the punch. The martial artist admitted that he punched the DJ with the hardest shot he could make.

The 51-year-old has an extensive striking background in Kenpo, Karate, and Kickboxing.

After everything was done and dusted, Liddell had no idea that he would bump into his victim on the very next day.

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“It’s all over with, we said goodbye to everybody. He catches me the next day and he says ‘hey, you broke two of my ribs, it’s bad,’” Liddell said. “And it’s like sorry? My bad. He was cool about it. He was like ‘I’m an idiot, I shouldn’t have done that but it was pretty funny.

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