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Two-time world boxing champion Badou Jack answered back to Dana White’s statements about him attaining a $75K payday. Before the UFC 268, UFC president Dana White brought in some attention snatching statements. Some people are thinking that he said those statements only for attention-seeking purposes. The eternally straightforward executive went on a YouTube show named ” Pardon My Take on fight week” to disclose that a UFC 268 “prelim fighter” is earning about $750,00.

In that statement, White mentioned the nominal earnings of two-time former world boxing champion Badou Jack. Jack has owned the WBC super-middleweight title in 2015 and also owned the WBA light heavyweight title in 2017.  He fought a total of 30 matches still now and won 24 of them. Undoubtedly, this former champion is one of the great boxers in the boxing world.

UFC President Dana White told that, “You know this kid Bo (Badou) Jack? The boxer, right? Former world champion. He’s fighting this weekend, I guess, in the Middle East, And he’s making $75,000. A guy who isn’t even… he’s on the prelims. Never been a world champion — and I won’t mention his name — is making $750,000. A Prelim fighter, never been a world champion is making $750,000.”

Clearly here White mentioned Jack’s earnings.

But In actuality, there is nothing like that that Dana White mentioned. Jack is 38 years old former boxing champion and his record is 24-3-3 with 14 knockouts.

It is totally wrong information that Jack’s documented salaries get on way beyond the $75,000 according to White claims.

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In his title fights against Nathan Cleverly and James DeGaleIn, he earned announced paydays of $750,000 to $700,000 in 2017. On the other hand, he reportedly earned approximately $500,000 in his united judgment loss to Marcus Browne in 2019.

Though after all these, Jack heard about the claims of White and he reacted instantly on Twitter. Here you will get to know what was Jack’s reaction to White’s statement.

What were Badou Jack’s statements about White’s claims?

When Badou Jack gets to know that White has told about his earing then he instantly reacted on this topic. He wrote that “Lmao @danawhite I would never have fought for such money in my life. I don’t know who told you these lies. It doesn’t even cover my meeting. But thanks for the free advertising.”

Jack has cleared one fact on his statement that he had never fought for that much money and also declared White’s statements were false.

In addition to this, it is a fact that against Blake McKernan, he received a related $ 500,000 in his 2020 match.  The amounts in this state wallet do not comprise any aspect of the deals and do not decrease the payment from the exhibition. Though on 26 November Jack is slated to play a match against the South African Johnny Mueller in Dubai.


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