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It is not concealed behind curtains anymore that former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and UFC President Dana White are not seeing eye to eye with each other.

Jones has been training and bulking up to compete in the heavyweight division. A potential fight between him and Francis Ngannou was in the works, but Jones had states that he wants a hefty paycheck for the match-up.

The American fighter was eyeing something more than $10 million, but the UFC doesn’t seem to give in to his demand.

The pay issue has got both him and White irked with each other. In a press conference held right after the star-studded UFC 262 in Houston, Dana White affirmed that Jon Jones needs to step inside the octagon soon if he wishes to have a prolonged career with the promotion.

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White told reporters: “Listen, that’s up to Jon Jones, whether he wants to fight or not. There [are] fights available. They’re here. I’m gonna keep making fights every weekend, doing fights.”

“If Jon Jones wants to fight, he can. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t have to. Nobody’s gonna force Jon Jones to fight. He’s had a great run. He’s got an incredible legacy.”

White admitted that he feels Jones lives up to the status of Great Of All Time, but he doesn’t have to be convinced to take on any UFC fighter.

“You’ve got guys that are nipping at his heels like Usman and some other guys out there. You know, it’s up to him. He can fight this summer, or he can never fight again. I mean, that’s up to him,” White added.

The UFC president’s demeanour indicated that he won’t persuade Jones to meet his pay requirements nor involve in any such discussion initiated by the fighter.

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Derrick Lewis, who is 1-0 against current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, seems to be on White’s radar. The UFC president affirmed that Lewis is next in line to get the title shot.

Jones clears pay misconception

On the other hand, the UFC veteran doesn’t seem to be backing out as well. He has said on social media that Stipe Miocic is not in his plans.

Moreover, Jones has clarified that he never demanded the UFC to pay him around $30 million for the Ngannou fight. He took to Twitter to post the clarification message.

Bones has been training for months to take on the heavyweight fighter, hence, it is likely to see him in action soon.

With only one loss (26-1) in his pro career, Jones will continue to dominate the roster once he feels that he is ready to grapple with the heavyweights.

The fighter says he hasn’t reached his best form yet. Bones is still involved in packing more muscle mass. He feels he would be a force to reckon with once he begins honing his MMA skills.




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