Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley
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Jake Paul earned the fifth consecutive win of his professional boxing career after beating former UFC champ Tyron Woodley via split decision.

The Problem Child was tested by the MMA ace time and again throughout the fight, but he did just enough to get the W to his name.

Two judges scored the contest 77-75 and 78-74 for Paul while the third judge scored 77-75 for Woodley. After the fight, Paul admitted that this was the toughest fight of his brief career.

“This was a tougher fight than I expected. My legs felt weird from the locker room,” the YouTuber-cum-boxer said. “I don’t know what to say. He put up a good fight and came in shape. I have nothing but respect for him. There was a lot of shit talk but I apologize if I offended his team.”

Paul believes that he’s doing very well in the sport so far, considering he only started three years ago.

“I don’t know what to say but he’s a tough opponent,” Paul said. “He has been boxing, fighting, and striking for 20-something years. I have been doing this for three years.”

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Tyron Woodley did not seem pleased with the judges’ decision. He was seemingly upset with the scorecards that declared Paul the winner.

He was up for a rematch as soon as the fight ended and also indulged in trash-talking with Logan Paul inside the ring when Ariel Helwani approached the boxers for the post-fight interview.

Jake Paul Facing Tyron Woodley
Photo: Twitter

Before the showdown, Woodley had vowed to get a tattoo if Jake wins the fight. And Jake did not forget this after winning over Woodley.

“Of course, he wants the payday,” Paul reminded Woodley in the face. “You had your opportunity. You had your chance. If you get the tattoo of ‘I love Jake Paul,’ let’s run it back.”

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Woodley was adamant that he was the clear winner.

“I feel like I won the fight. I feel like Jake is a great opponent. I came in great shape because I knew he could take a punch,” the former UFC champion remarked. “No disrespect but f— the [Tommy] Fury fight, Jake and I can run it back. Nobody is going to sell a PPV as we did. I felt like he was tough. I hit him and the ropes held him up.”

One of the three judges’ scorecards was in Wooldley’s favour. This did not sit well with Jake.

“Let’s be honest, that’s bullshit. I mean, come on. Especially in my hometown? Where is that judge at? Come on,” Paul said. “He hit me with one real shot. I don’t know what they were looking at. It’s all good. Still got the victory. I got eight rounds under my belt.”

Jake added: “I’m doing things that no one has done. To go against a Hall of Famer and five-time UFC champion and win when the pressure is on?”

It will be interesting to see who Jake Paul chooses for his next fight: Woodley or Tommy Fury.

Caption: Jake Paul gets another win to his name! Who do you think he should box next?



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