Jon Jones Arrest
Photo: ABC News

Jon Jones is probably the most controversial guy in the whole UFC industry. He is always somehow ended up in a locker room where police looking at him. Out of the fight cage, Jones got so many problems and stuff going on. His misbehavior, aggressive character, and spoiled lifestyle always put him in danger.

The same thing happens again in Las Vegas where Jones attended a UFC Hall of Fame Ceremony. The news wasn’t public at that moment. It spread to the world recently. And let’s how MMA pros see it.

A couple of hours later of the UFC Hall of Fame Ceremony, Jones was arrested by the police. He is charged with domestic battery and damaging a vehicle. The battery charge is the minor one but damaging a vehicle is a felony crime. The damage he cost to the vehicle is worth 5000 dollars. The bail is set for 8000 dollars and a court appearance on October 26.

His training institution chose to remain silent on that matter. And nothing else we heard from Jones lawyers. Some even raise the question that if he even has a lawyer or not.

UFC President Dana White says, “It’s like it’s not even shocking anymore. When we bring him here, it’s almost expected. Can’t even get him into Las Vegas for less than 12 hours to induct him into the Hall of Fame. It’s a problem. This guy’s got a lot of demons, man – a lot of demons.” White continues his talking, “Is it really shocking anymore? It’s really not. It’s become not shocking. It’s almost become, ‘Uh oh, he’s in Vegas again. What’s going to happen today?’ You want to hope the guy is better, and that won’t be the case, but he proves every time he comes to this town that he can’t handle this place.”

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Previous cases of Jon Jones and his next fight:

Jones was always been a bad boy and reckless. After becoming the UFC champion in 2011, he was involved with drugs and other crimes. The next year of his champion achievement he was arrested for driving under DUI. He hit a telephone pole and then he was arrested. In 2015, he lost his UFC title for violating the UFC athlete code and in the same year, he was charged again in a hit and run case. In 2019, he was again involved in a problem with a strip club waitress. And last year he was arrested in a case relating to DUI and for purposeless use of a firearm.

These are always happing with him. Probably, he doesn’t want the peach and always wants some fight in his life. But it’s true, he is a real fighter, a few could give such a fight. He says, at the conference, “I want the belt, really. I want the belt, I want big money.”

He last fought against Dominick Reyes in February 2020, he won the match very easily. His next fight will take place probably next year with the winner of Francis Ngannou vs CirylGane match.


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