Jon Jones Suspended
Photo: ESPN

Besides beating opponents in the cage, Jon Jones is very good at two other things. First becoming the headline and putting his name in the police book. No matter what’s happening on earth, this guy’s name always pops up in the front line. He is probably the most wanted and unstable man in the whole UFC organization.

Now, the UFC even take back their hands from the guy, cause how many time is someone gonna takes of a drunk person mess! Dana White says about Jones is, whenever Jones comes into the city of Las Vegas, he always creates a mess.

We all know last month Jones was arrested for damaging cars and stuff. He had so many other problems too in the past. Cause of Jones so many bad actions, he got suspended from his long-term gym center Jackson Wink MMA Academy based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The gym management decided the last crime of the last of Jones in Vegas. Well, the suspension is not permanent, if Jones can manage to clean his mess then he will be welcomed again. And also, while in times of suspension, coaches of Jackson Wink can keep contracts with Jones and train him individually outside of the gym.

The gym spokesperson James Hallinan gave the official statement to ESPN about suspending Jones from the gym. He wrote, “Jon Jones has been temporarily suspended from training with the Jackson Wink Academy team.”

“Coach Jackson and Coach Gibson will continue to train with Jon offsite as long as he keeps his commitment to a healthy and positive lifestyle”.

Before the official declaration, Jackson Wink MMA co-head coach Mike Winkeljohn first talk about the suspension of Jones. He had a very relation with Jones. He says to the reporter a few days ago, “I just had a conversation with him. I said, ‘Jon, here’s the deal. You’re like my little brother. You have to stop drinking and fix these things for a certain period of time until you come back to the gym.’

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“So at the moment, he’s out of the gym. He’s not allowed to come to the gym. I felt like I had to do that, because ignoring it and expecting different results, as they say, is insanity. He’s got a lot of yes people around him that won’t tell him the truth. He might hate me for it, but I’ll tell him the truth.”

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Jon Jones is disappointed about the suspension:

Jones was disappointed about the fact of suspension. He says, “Had a heartbreaking conversation over the phone with one of my longtime coaches last night, really hurts to lose the support of someone I respect so much.”

“Sincerely thank you to the rest of the coaches for staying in the fight with me. Our journey continues.”

Jones first tried to solve the problem by talking. He tried several times. But the board didn’t cooperate with Jones this time. Cause it’s not the first time Jackson Wink faced criticism for Jones.


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