Luke Rockhold
Photo: USA Today

An obsolete middleweight champion Luke Rockhold won’t be able to take part in UFC 268 for his back injury. Though he is thirty six years old but still he fights like there is nothing beyond it. The match was going to be held on 6th November against Sean Strickland.

Luke Rockhold confirms it by posting a story on Instagram. In that video, he exactly said that “There’s no easy way to say it, but the fight is off in New York. I ended up herniating a disc in my back. L4, L5. The docs say it’s nothing I can play with. I need to do some treatment and recovery time.” Luke Rockhold also added that “Some things just aren’t meant to be. New York, motherfucking New York. I’m sorry to the friends and the peeps and everyone but we’ll be back. Until next time.”

Many other sources close to the circumstance also ascertained the news. It has been confirmed too that Rockhold had informed the UFC last week that he would be unable to play against Sean Strickland on 6th November.

In July of 2019, Luke Rockhold was last seen to his fans vying at UFC 239. Fans of Luke rock were desperately waiting for the upcoming 6th November’s match. But suddenly this news about Luke Rockhold’s back injury came to his fans like a bolt from the blue.

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Rock hold has a huge fan following. He has more than 850k followers on Instagram only. And in worldwide it is huge undoubtedly. All were waiting for this match.  Before this, Luke Rockhold last triumphs title in 2017 against David Branch at UFC 116. As per the video and other sources’ information, it seems impossible to see Rockhold on the match. As the well-ranked middleweight fighters are already booked.

so UFC may not be able to provide an acceptable replacement to Strickland for the hallowed Maddison Garden Square Garden event.

What Luke Rockhold Spoke about Sean Strickland:

Though Sean Strickland is also a very promising middleweight fighter and also a former champion but Luke Rockhold told some harsh words about Strickland. He told that “I want to shut this kid down and shut his mouth and put him away for good. Put him where he belongs back in the trailer park.” But presently it has become a consequence of sorrow that due to back injury Rockhold himself was forced out from UFC 268.

In this circumstance, if UFC can able to find a suitable middleweight fighter for Sean Strickland then obviously it will be a watch worthy match. Though if UFC authority rescheduled the ” Luke Rockhold Vs Sean Strickland” match then it will be best for all fans because after saying those rough words Strickland’s fans were eagerly waiting for this match.


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