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Paddy Pimblett (17-3) is taking social media by storm after marking a fabulous win on his UFC debut. The Liverpool native knocked out Luigi Vendramini at UFC Fight Night 191 in Las Vegas.

Pimblett had a difficult time putting his opponent to sleep. Early in the fight, the 26-year-old was shaken up by Vendramini and it seemed that he is close to being knocked out cold.

However, the Scottish soon turned the tables on his opponent. Speaking to former UFC champ and commentator, Michael Bisping, after getting the W, Pimblett said: “What did I tell you, Mike? ‘I and you will be having this conversation after a first-round finish.’ And what happened?”

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The Liverpool star rose to fame for his thrilling performances at Cage Warriors where he won the championship as well.

Bisping retorted that the fighter was almost put to sleep by his opponent, but Pimblett shrugged it off. “I’m a Scouser. We don’t get knocked out!”

The 26-year-old claimed that he is the now “main man” in the organization.

“I’m here to take over, lad. I’m the new cash cow. I’m the new main man on the UFC roster. People are going to be calling me out now. You know who the boy is! Dana, Shelby, let’s get England back on, lad! Let’s get back to the UK. Get your boy in the main event, or the co-main, and I’ll blow the roof off the gaff.”

The UFC debutant was indirectly referring to Conor McGregor, the biggest and richest superstar in the UFC’s history.

Last week, Pimblett told MMA journo Ariel Helwani that he did not take it well when he came to know that his UFC debut is in jeopardy due to visa issues.

“This has been more stressful than getting ready for the fight,” the fighter explained. “Last Monday when I went to the embassy — I got a caution when I was 19. A caution means like it’s not on your record no more and it was for possession of cannabis, which is legal in Las Vegas. The man in the embassy told me I was ineligible for a visa so the UFC had to send off for a special waiver and luckily enough it came back in time.”

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Pimblett has been making waves in MMA circles for a few years now. Apart from his sublime KO skills, the fighter remains in the limelight for his trash-talking as well.

He doesn’t seem to shy away from any challenge, let it be inside an octagon or the boxing ring. Recently, in an interview to SLOTHBOXX, Pimblett hinted at a possible boxing showdown against YouTuber-cum-boxer Jake Paul who has just knocked out former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

“I’d box him tomorrow if I get a phone call now and I really, genuinely think over the next few years, it could happen because when I make my debut in a few weeks, I’m going to blow up and I’ll have hundreds of thousands of followers, maybe millions and it’s going to go wild and I can see him thinking the same. ‘Oh, Paddy The Baddy, he is a grappler’, all that and I’ll f**king take his head clean off his shoulders, lad.”


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