Dana White's Power Slap

Dana White’s Power Slap is a brand-new and thrilling form of combat sports that has been co-created by Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Craig Piligian. This organized form of open-handed striking will give athletes from all over the globe a thrilling arena to show off their strength, skill, and willpower.

The upcoming eight-episode series will air on TBS in early 2023, and the athletes who make it through the competition will have a chance to become part of the first Power Slap rankings, compete in future matches, and receive worldwide recognition.

Get ready for a thrilling new sporting experience with a Power stage on which to display your power, technique, and resolve.

Event Information

  • Start Date – Wednesday, January 25
  • Telecast Time – 10 p.m. ET | 3 a.m. GMT | 2 p.m. AEDT
  • Channel  – TBS and Sling TV for USA,  Rumble for outside USA
  • Commentary Language – English and Spanish
  • Participant – 30

What is Dana White’s Power Slap?

Power Slap is a slapping competition where you use your technique, skill, and power to slap each other in the face to win. This competition is regulated and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Pilgrim Media Group produces it in partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This show premiered back in January 2023.

Although it was said to be well rehearsed and done under proper supervision, the Power Slap is a violent sport. It might not kill anybody, but a blow to the head might lead to headaches, loss of memory, brain fog, and confusion. It can cause permanent damage like neck and head torsions or brain artery damage.

Format of This Competition

There will be a total of thirty competitors taking part in this competition, all of whom are eying for first place and ultimate glory. In addition, they will rise to the top of the first Power Slap rankings, compete in subsequent Power Slap matches, and receive recognition worldwide.

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A total of 30 Power Slap contestants will participate in this game. All of them will fight for the ultimate glory to win the competition. The contestants will earn $2000 for the fight, which is quite low compared to the minimum purse of $10,000 for fighters in UFC Matches.

The match is played in three rounds. The player will earn points based on the slap accuracy, speed, techniques, and force. The 10-Point System of MMA and Boxing will be used to count the points to determine the winner. The winner will be determined by the judges based on their performance.

This event will happen for the first time, and it has four categories depending on the weight of the competitors – heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight.

The person who is slapping will be called a “Striker,” and the person who will get slapped will be called a “Defender”

Power Slap Rules

This is a very brutal competition where contestants (men and women) slap each other in the head as hard as possible. During the three rounds of the competition, the judges will decide on a winner.

The competition will start after a coin toss, and the winner will get to slap first. The first striker has a timeframe of 30 seconds to deliver a one-handed slap to his opponent. 

The Nevada State Athletic Commission licenses this violent sport.

Slaps must be delivered below the eye but above the chin, and they cannot be led with the palm of the hand. This will ensure that all the palms of the hands make simultaneous contact with the target’s face, with defense expressly forbidden.

The competitor who has been slapped does have thirty seconds to regain his or her composure and has to make sure that he or she gets back into position before it is their turn to slap the next competitor.

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It is against the rules for a competitor in this competition to make any kind of defensive move while they are slapped by another competitor. The Nevada State Athletic Commission approved these rules.

A competitor is not permitted to move in a way that might blunt the force of the oncoming slap, such as raising their shoulder, tucking their chin, or rolling with the slap as it comes down. When being slapped, the person must have their hands behind their backs at all times.

How to Watch Dana White’s Power Slap Live Stream Online

Dana White’s Power Slap League is a reality show-based sports competition that has eight one-hour episodes in a season. Fans in the United States can watch the show on TBS Network or Sling TV beginning January 18, 2023. Fans outside can stream the show in Rumble.

Each week on Wednesday, a new episode will be made available to watch online. The show starts at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, so don’t miss any exciting action if you tune in early.


Dana White’s Power Slap league has been dogged by controversy, including Dana White’s slap to his wife and health concerns about the competition.

As a game of dominance, it has become a subject of health crises and has been added to the growing list of violent contests, including wrestling, boxing, and cage fighting.

Despite all the controversy, this competition is quite popular among fans all over the world.

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