UFC 262 Charles Oliveira and Michel Chandler
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This month UFC fight is knocking at the door right now. This mixed martial art is the world most famous fighting events. In this bout, we will see the two most powerful boxers of all time. Yeah, baby, the main event of UFC 262 is a fight between Charles Oliveira and Michel Chandler. There will be others fight cards too in the game.

I am excited as you are, cause I am very big of Chandler since the beginning of his career. Seeing him fighting reminds me of old Greek days battle.

Anyway, if you are looking for information about the UFC 262 Oliveira vs Chandler match then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss how to live stream UFC 262, when and where is the match gonna take place, the prediction of this match and what are the other fight card in this event.

So, what’s the waiting for, let’s get started.

When and Where UFC 262 Will Take Place?

Location: Huston, Texas, United States

Venue: Toyota Centre

Time: 15 May 2021 at 10 PM ET.

For the Texas fans, that’s a great opportunity to enjoy an Ultimate Fight Championship match live in person. UFC 262 will take place at Toyota Centre located in Huston, Texas, United States. That’s a very famous venue for a sports arena. Besides, boxing they also arrange so many other events here. The host of the match is now preparing the ring for the fight night. The match will take on 15 May 2021. The prelims match will start at 10 PM ET and the main boxers Oliveira and Chandler will step into the ring around midnight.

UFC 262 Fight Card:

Our main bout in 262 UFC is the fight between Oliveira vs Charles. Undoubtedly, they are the main attraction of this event. But besides that, there are other fight cards available too for the fans. In both categories, the main fight card and then the preliminary fight card, we will see the most prominent boxing fighter. Let’s see what match we are gonna see besides Oliveira vs Chandler.

Main fight Cards-

  1. Charles Oliveira vs Michael Chandler (main event)
  2. Tony Ferguson vs BeneilDariush
  3. Jack Hermansson vs EdmenShahbazyan
  4. Shane Burgos vs Edson Barboza
  5. Katlyn Chookagian vs Viviane Araujo

Preliminary Fight Cards-

  1. Ronaldo Souza vs. Andre Muniz
  2. Matt Schnell vs RogerioBontorin
  3. Andrea Lee vs Antonina Shevchenko
  4. LandoVannata vs Mike Grundy
  5. Jordan Wright vs. Jamie Pickett
  6. Gina Mazany vs. Priscila Cachoeira
  7. Kevin Aguilar vs. Tucker Lutz
  8. Sean Soriano vs. Christos Giagos

These are all fights you are gonna see in UFC 262.

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How to Live Stream UFC 262?

I know you were waiting for this part to come. Here we have collected all the information on how to live stream the full event. So, let’s what are the best way to watch the 262 UFC event.

UFC 262 is a pay per view show. So, there probably no option to watch it free. Although some technique you could try. We talk about it later. To watch the event, you have both ways. You could watch the event on a TV cable line or you could watch it through online live streaming platforms.

Let’s see all of our live streaming methods.


ABC is a popular TV Cable line. If you don’t like to use any live streaming server then that’s your best option to watch the event. On the ABC channel, you could what the Preliminary fights for free but the main event is not free. So, you have to buy first to watch the event.

And make sure you have paid your tv cable bill regularly.


To watch mixed martial art or any types of sports the best live streaming media is ESPN. ESPN another plan is ESPN+. In ESPN+ they include mainly sports event. With ESPN+ you would able to live stream all the sports that are going on right now, like- MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, PGA golf, Top Rank Boxing, Grand Slam tennis matches, United Soccer League, cricket, rugby, Canadian Football League, English Football League, UEFA Nations League games etc. That means almost everything and obviously including the UFC event.

To watch UFC 262 Chandler vs Oliveira match on ESPN+ we have to buy their subscription first. ESPN+ subscription cost is only 5.99 dollars per month and for the annual subscription, this will cost you 59.99 dollars.


Every sports lover knows about the DAZN live streaming service. They are the world most popular and biggest live streaming server in the whole world. They cover the highest live streaming area. It’s available in almost all countries, Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

So, if you are thinking about what live stream host you should choose to watch UFC 262 then, DAZN should be on your first list. It’s mostly helpful if you currently travelling.

To watch UFC 262 with DAZN, you have to buy their subscription first, this will cost you 19.99 dollars per month and 99.99 dollars for an annual pack.

BT Sport:

Another popular live streaming media is BT Sport. They covered the whole EU sports live stream. So, if you are from the UK then using the BT Sport server to watch Chandler vs Oliveira would be a wise choice.

If you have a BT Broadband line then BT Sport will cost 10 pounds a month. And without the BT Broadband line, the cost is 29 pounds per month.

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UFC 262 Oliveira vs Chandler Prediction:

Our main contested of UFC 262 is Oliveira and Chandler. They both are very skilful player. It’s hard to choose a winner between these two. And boxing ring is an uncertain place, anything could happen in here. But after some calculation, we could call a percentage figure that will tell us who has the most winning chance.

Oliveira has won 8 matches in a row, it’s a big shot for him. He has played a total of 38 matches. Won 30 of them and lose 8 of them.

On the other hand, Chandler hasn’t that types of winning rate in his bag, but he defeated the world champion, Dan Hooker. So, you can’t Chandler easily anymore. Chandler played a total of 27 matches and win 22 of them and lose 5 of them.

Chandler is a harder hitter player and Oliveira is a kinda tricky player. But both are very aggressive and not durable.

After seeing their technique and previous matches history we could say that Oliveira has a 51% winning chance when it’s 49% for Chandler.


We have shared pretty much everything about 262 UFC. If you put money on the game, bet it wisely. And use the live stream server that suits you best.



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