UFC 264 McGregor vs Poirier 3: Preview and predictions
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Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier are going to grace the octagon once again on July 10 when they meet at the UFC 264 main-event. The McGregor vs Poirier 3 has got the fans excited too.

The Diamon and Notorious are 1-1 in their prolonged rivalry and poised to settle the scores for once and for all at UFC 264.

What has been said so far?

Both fighters are brimming with confidence and have traded barbs with each other on social media prior to the fight.

McGregor has tweeted: “Quick take for you and your team pal – [sic] You’s got pucked around in the clinch! Elbows, knees, shoulders, fists. Looking outside the cage for advice. Best boxer, my ass! Shooting ass, shelling ass b****.”

His remarks came after Poirier claimed that he has one of the best hands in the organization.

Poirier has, however, been rather respectful. In a recent interview, he was all respect for his foe and admitted that he is one of the best UFC stars he has ever faced.

UFC veteran Chael Sonnen has an interesting take on Mcgregor’s trash-talking and the way the Irishman operated with his opponents before the fight.

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He remarked: “I was given this advice when I was a kid. One of my coaches told me to write on my mirror every day that I was the champion. I never did it, I never one day wrote it down and taped it on the mirror and it’s not because I didn’t have paper or a pen or scotch tape, it’s because I didn’t believe it.”

“I would have felt silly, what if somebody saw? I didn’t believe it. I only bring that to you because later in my life when I started to do it, I did believe it, and I believe that Conor McGregor went through the same thing.”

“I believe Conor wasn’t trying to talk Jose Aldo or Floyd Mayweather out of something, he was trying to talk himself into something, and he succeeded,” Sonnen added.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and George St-Pierre predict

Former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has given both fighters an edge depending on who puts the pressure on first and how long the fight lasts.

“Once again, same thing here — the first round is for Conor, he can take it,” Nurmagomedov told UFC Russia. “If he doesn’t [win in the first round], then Dustin [Poirier] wins.”

On the flip side, former double champion George St-Pierre believes that the Irishman will seal the deal in the trilogy fight.

“I think McGregor is very good in rematches, and I think he’s going to have the victory. I think he’s probably going to win in the second round. A knockout,” the Canadian fighter told Tristar Gym YouTube channel.

However, St-Pierre’s longtime coach Firas Zahabi feels the Diamond will make repeat his antics of the second fight.

“I’m gonna make a case for Poirier right now. At 155, McGregor’s power is maybe not exactly what it used to be, and he’s got to do five rounds,” Zahabi said.

“I think Poirier showed in fight No. 2 he’s smart enough to take McGregor in the later rounds. I think Poirier’s going to take him into Round 3, and he’s going to do the same thing he did before.”


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