UFC 271 Results of the Main Cards

UFC 271 Results
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After a quiet drama, the UFC 271 is over. From each card, The deserved ones got a victory from in the fight night. Keep reading this article to know the UFC 271 results.

On the main card, the reigning champion Israel Adesanya got a victory with a unanimous decision. He said,

“Breaking it down, I thought I lost the first round, and I put myself back together and I think I beat him to every punch,” he said. “I got takedowns.

“I thought I beat him, though I did enough, got inside his reach. He didn’t land anything that really hurt me but that one shot in the first.”

UFC 271 Results:

Here are the results of every fight of the main card.

Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker 2

Adesanya had an amazing victory over Whittaker in the main event of UFC 271. Whittaker tried to make an impact but the reigning champion bit up his lead leg with kicks and was quick on the counters. In their first fight, Adesanya knocked out Whittaker in the second round, Bobby Knuckles had a few answers for Adesanya. He got a few takedowns and was able to double up his jab with some success. Neither of these responses was sufficient to alter the outcome. In the end, Adesanya’s performance wasn’t the most spectacular. He had a good handle on the fight and had an easier time winning the rounds he did.

Tai Tuivasa vs Derrick Lewis

  • Winner: Tai Tuivasa

Tai Tuivasa’s victory over Lewis in the co-main event was spectacular. Few people have survived full-force Derrick Lewis blows, let alone come back and win the round. As a result,

The Australian was clearly defeated in the opening round. Lewis not only landed some of his trademark hard hooks, but he also took him down and was punishing him.

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Jared Cannonier vs Derek Brunson

  • Winner: Jared Cannonier

Jared Cannonier had a second-round TKO win over Derek Brunson. Cannonier didn’t have the best of starts. In Round 1, he was knocked down and taken down at different times. The bell saved him in that round. Cannonier’s might, on the other hand, means he’s always one shot away from completely transforming the fight. He landed a devastating elbow with both fighters clenched up, and it was the beginning of the end.

Renato Moicano vs Alex Hernandez

  • Winner: Renato Moicano

Renato Moicano only needed a little opportunity to finish Alex Hernandez. Following a knockdown in the second round, the Brazilian secured a great advantage. The opening frame was a battle of wills between the two players. There was a case to be made for either of them getting the lead. Moicano, on the other hand, cracked the fight open with a combination that included a big body blow followed by two headshots. Moicano was quick to follow Hernandez to the ground.

Bobby Green vs Nasrat Haqparast

  • Winner: Bobby Green
Bobby Green won a unanimous decision over Nasrat Haqparast to open the main card. Green’s boxing skills shone well in this one. In a tense match, Haqparast consented, but Green’s hand speed and combinations were too much for him. Green built a big strike advantage of 188-76 throughout the course of the three-round fight. Haqparast kept looking for the big shot, but he never got the one who could turn the fight around.
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