UFC 274 Purse and Payout: How Much Money Gaethje and Oliveira Will Make?

UFC 274 is just one night away from now. Fans can hear the welcoming dramatic sound of upcoming UFC night. This month UFC is gonna host the four best player fighters of all time. Besides the main event, in the undercards, UFC keeps some interesting fights.

All the fighters of UFC 274 are highly ranked and the young fighters are the hottest rising stars.

Here are the purse and payouts of the UFC 274.

UFC 274 Purse and Payout

The official purse for the UFC 274 is not revealed yet. But we can call a figure of the amount players will get from the fight by calculating their previous fight payouts.

Charles Oliveira vs. Justin Gaethje Purse

Charles Oliveira won $492,000 from his last fight against Dusting Poirier. And he won $455,000 when he won the UFC lightweight title against Chandler.

On the main card, Charles Oliveira will face one of the biggest fighters in UFC, Justin Gaethje. Gaethje is the most popular UFC fighter. He has a great record and experience in fight. He debuted in a UFC fight in 2011.

Since then Justin Gaethje has fought many fighters and defeated many top ranked fighters with his amazing skills in the fight. But the last fight of Gaethje didn’t go as he planned. It was against khabib Nurmagomedov.

And Nurmagomedov defeated Gaethje to keep his unbeaten record. It was the last fight of Nurmagomedov’s career.

The fight took place in 2020 and since then Gaethje hasn’t placed his foot in the fight ring either. He will step into the octagon after a long time. No one was certain about the appearance of Gaethje in the title fight. But his appearance surely made a huge craze and hype.

Gaethje is now determined to win the title. He does not want to fail himself again after what happened last time against Nurmagomedov. Gaethje took huge preparation for the fight.

If he could win the fight then the boss will again sit on his old throne. And this is a great opportunity for Gaethje to win back his lost kingdom.

At first, it was reported that not Gaethje but Conor McGregor would fight for the title. UFC had tried to make contact with McGregor for the bout with Oliveira.

But for some reason, they failed to make it possible as neither UFC nor McGregor could come up with both benefited deals.

And among all these poor situations Gaethje seizes the deal and becomes profitable. This gives him the option to get back into the big fight again. And the fans of UFC are really happy to see him instead of McGregor. Nobody much likes McGregor for his bad attitude.

And the fight brings a huge chance for Oliveira too. He is now the hottest UFC fighter with 10 10-win streak. He last fought Justine Poirier to defend his title last December.

If he can take down Gaethje then this will add another great victory to his name.

Carla Esparza vs. Rose Namajunas Purse

The purse and payouts of Carla Esparza vs Rose Namajunas have not been revealed yet. But they will get a close amount from their last fight. Esparza earned $201,000 in her fight against Xiaonan. And Namajunas earned $262,000 from her last fight against Zhang Weili.

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