UFC Fighter Predictions for Vicente Luque vs. Belal Muhammad

Several UFC fighters gave their predictions for the fight between Vicente Luque and Belal Muhammad at UFC Vegas 51.

This weekend, it will be a rematch between Vicente Luque and Belal Muhammad at UFC Vegas 51.

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Muhammad and Luque fought each other at UFC 205 in 2016, where Luque won by KO in the first round.

For this revenge, Vicente Luque seems confident and thinks that “it will not go to the end.” For his part, Muhammad already sees himself as a champion, even before this fight.

But what will happen this time? UFC fighters played the prediction game:

Rob Font, bantamweight: I’m interested to see how it goes, but I think Muhammad has improved a lot since that first fight.

Drakkar Klose, lightweight: Muhammad. His pace and struggle will be too strong for Luque. Luque will have to knock it out to win, I think.

Chris Barnett, heavyweight: It should be a good fight. I think Muhammad will get through it, and I think he can fight against Luque.

Damon Jackson, featherweight: It’s difficult because they both improved, and we didn’t see much from the first fight. I would say Muhammad for this fight because I think his pressure and struggle will be too strong for Luque.

Cody Brundage, middleweight: I think of Luque, they’ve both improved, but Luque is always one step ahead. Luque also fought better opponents, and on his feet, it was a nightmare for Muhammad, and even on the ground, his jiu-jitsu was underestimated.

Mike Jackson, welterweight: I’m going to choose Belal Muhammad. I think this fight will be very different from the first one, and I think he can extend the fight until the last rounds, where he will be successful.

Brandon Jenkins, lightweight: Luque is one of my favorite fighters, so it will be him; his striking is much better than Muhammad’s.

Josh Fremd, middleweight: I would say Vicente Luque again. He is the best striker.

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If we do the counting, it is a 5 against 3 in favor of Muhammad, which goes against the American betting sites, which think that Luque is the favorite.

For your part, you would lean towards whom?

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