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UFC is now finally going to be known as a global organization. Their recent deal with Venum Brazil company opens a new international place for the company. UFC now will be played in the oversees. For a long time, the talk was going between Brazilian company Venum and UFC.

Some things weren’t fixed at first. So, it was delaying the contract. And finally, everything settled perfectly. It will bring benefits and profits for both companies. And obviously, players will get many conveniences from the deal. Fighters will be able to take part in more fights and more fighters will get a chance in the UFC fight ring.

Before 2020, Reebok had a deal with UFC. Then things weren’t so good between Reebok and UFC. UFC was finding a company for their organization. And in July 2020, UFC first announced that they may call off the deal with Reebok and they will replace the vacancy with Venum. It came very surprisingly to the UFC fans but obviously, in a good way.  But things weren’t still clear back then. Cause then there was another news that having a deal with Venum wouldn’t bring any good to the UGC cause Venum didn’t have rights in the country.

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So, that was a big issue and the deal was about to fall. Brazilian businessman Andre Vieira, one of the owners of Venum wasn’t so optimistic about the contract at first. He says, that UFC’s partnership with Venum didn’t allow the company to sell merchandise or have athletes wear the new fighter kit during events in Brazil. But in a year they fixed all the problems and come to a decision which will help both companies to grow.

back in the time, Vieira had so much confusion about the deal. No one was sure it will work out or not. But now everyone is very much happy. They start to work together side by side from mid-November.

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Vieira says about the deal, “We’re very happy with this partnership. Venum was created in Brazil so it’s more than fair to have this recognition from the UFC so we can develop UFC-Venum products and work in the Brazilian market, the world’s second-biggest market. I’m sure that this partnership will be a success and Brazilian fans will be happy with the products.”

When UFC fight will Back in Brazil?

As the deal has done, the fight will also happen in the Brazilian ring. All the fans from Brazil are very much excited about it. Last year UFC 250 was scheduled to take place in Brazil.

But we know how hard and a rough time we passed in 2020. The situation was very bad and everyone was horrified about the Covid-19 issue. So, cause of the pandemic situation UFC 250 withdraw its operation from Brazil and place it in the United States.

When the UFC will send their fighter to Brazil is hard to tell. But it will happen soon when the Covid-19 issue will be under control.


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