Gable Stevenson
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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has unlocked new gates for the wrestler Gabe Steveson. UFC President Dana White is keen on meeting the Olympic gold medalist.

Plans for the meeting are set, they will have a conversation this weekend in “sin city”. Apart from winning gold in Tokyo, the 21-year-old is the NCAA Division National champion as well. 

However, great opportunities have opened up for him after his glorious performance in Freestyle wrestling in the Olympics. 

The gold medal has made him a desirable candidate for WWE, MMA, and other elite wrestling.

Shortly after Gabe Steveson won, he showed his interest in MMA by sending a tweet in the direction of UFC boss Dana White.

Luckily enough for him, he has grabbed this opportunity of future fame and money. 

The best thing for him and his fans is his confidence in his abilities.

He was quoted saying, “I do believe that with my wrestling skills and me putting on some striking skills, I can be the champion in less than 18 months. I can go out there and dominate my way through the heavyweight field.”

WWE President Vince McMahon approaches Gabe Steveson 

The freestyle wrestling gold medalist is provided with a handful of options after the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The WWE Chairman has also shown keen interest in Stevenson, as he reached out to the player personally.

Stevenson WWE
Photo: Inside Sport

Gable Dan is a big fan of WWE and considers this as a great opportunity for his future. Hence, the 21-year-old has also expressed his interest in WWE. 

Like many of us, his favorite player in wrestling is Roman Reigns. He once said that if he ever joins WWE in the future, he would be a ” Paul Heyman Guy”.

As eager as Stevenson is to join WWE and MMA, his fans would also be hoping to see his banging entry in both games.

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Bobby Lashley urges Steveson to enter the Hurt Business if he joins WWE

The current WWE champion, Bobby Lashley was also an amateur wrestler just like Steveson.

Bobby has advice for the Tokyo gold medalist that if he joins WWE then he should join the Hurt Business.

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Lashley has made his mark in different formats like professional wrestling, MMA fighting, and WWE. 

He sees good prospects for Gable Stevenson in WWE. He also believes that the 21-year-old can do whatever he wants and succeed.

One thing that Lashley has stressed upon the youngster is that he should try his luck in the Hurt Business. He would surely be an incredible addition to his stable.

Lashley said in a statement,

“If he does come to WWE, the smartest way for him to do is give me a call and maybe we can get him into The Hurt Business and help his career. If he comes to WWE and he is not part of The Hurt Business, then he is gonna fall like anybody else and be a second-rate guy.

“So, those are his options: either come to WWE and join The Hurt Business and we can assure him that he is gonna be in the right place, and in the right hands, or he can go to UFC and try to hand it out there,” he added.


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