How to Watch UFC on ESPN Player

ESPN is the official broadcaster of UFC PPV this year. This article will discuss how to watch UFC fights on ESPN Player. With the 5 year deal with UFC, the ESPN Network will broadcast the live event.

Not only that, they will also broadcast all exclusive highlights, interviews, unseen footage, in-depth analysis, and real-time statistics.

How to Watch Every UFC Fight on ESPN Player

ESPN subscription costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year. If you want a subscription to watch the UFC event, you need to buy their $79.99 package. With a $79.99 package, you can enjoy 12 monthly subscriptions for free.

Once you sign up for an ESPN+ subscription, visit their website and log in with your information. You can find an E+ logo on their website dedicated to the ESPN+ subscriber. Look for the UFC event by searching and enjoying the live event.

Stream UFC Events From Anywhere on Any Devices

ESPN player and the dedicated ESPN website are accessible from any of your preferred devices. ESPN Player also features other supporting events alongside UFC PPV Nights. It has a 7-day trial period.

Devices like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire Stick are all compatible with accessing the ESPN website to catch the HD quality live stream. So sign up and enjoy the UFC event from ESPN.

Watch on TV

It is possible to watch the UFC PPV on your Smart TV. First, you will require an ESPN+ subscription with UFC events included. Then with your smart TVs, visit the ESPN website and log in with the correct information; you can also download the ESPN+ app.

Watch on PC/ Laptop

You can easily watch UFC PPV from your desktop computer or laptop. With an ESPN+ subscription, you can download the software or visit their dedicated ESPN site to watch the event.

If you visit the website from your browser, you must log in with your ESPN account to watch UFC, as UFC is unavailable with normal purchases. You must purchase the $79.99 plan to watch the event.

Watch on Roku Devices

Roku devices can access ESPN. Connect your ESPN+ subscription with your Roku device. After connecting both devices, you need to log into ESPN+ with your user id and password. Later look for ESPN+ on the top of the screen. Click here to enjoy live events and exclusive highlights.

Watch UFC PPV on Xbox and Playstation

Now you can watch UFC events with your gaming console as well. ESPN+ app is available in the app store of this device, and with a premium subscription, you can easily watch the UFC event.


If you are a UFC enthusiast, an ESPN+ subscription is worth your money. With ESPN, you can’t miss a second of the action. Here in this article, we have discussed “How to Watch UFC Fights on ESPN Player”.

Hope you find this article useful. Let us know about your experience of watching UFC on your ESPN Player.

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