What is PFL? Everything You Need To Know

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is an American MMA league formed in 2017 by venture entrepreneur Donn Davis and started in 2018. Even though the Professional Fighters League (PFL) is new, it has already had a significant influence.

Although the UFC still monopolizes MMA, the PFL is steadily becoming the second-most well-liked MMA promotion. The PFL could develop beyond where it is now because of its distinctive season format. Here is an article on PFL and everything you need to know.

History of PFL

The World Series of Fighting (WSOF) was established in 2012 following the negotiation of a broadcast agreement with the NBC Sports Network.

The World Series of Fighting (WSOF) conducted over 35 events in nations like the United States, Canada, Japan, China, and the Philippines. They were best known for featuring fighters like Justin Gathje, Marlon Moraes, and Lance Palmer.

The Professional Fighters League debuted in 2018, according to Market Realist. The World Series of Fighting, the forerunner to the Professional Fighters League, may be recognized by MMA fans.

Donn Davis and Russ Ramsey took over the floundering World Series of Fighting in 2017 and then decided to revamp the organization into the PFL fully.

PFL launched a $65 million investment round in February 2021, bringing the total amount to $175 million. Ares Capital, Elysian Park Ventures, and Knighthead Capital lead this fundraising round.

The PFL works up to a spectacular finale in which new winners are crowned each season rather than having existing champions guard their belts all year.

PFL Fight Format

Although next-generation metrics and data streams have been extensively adopted by sports leagues throughout the world recently, nowhere is data more essential to a sports organization’s objective than at Pro Fighters League.

PFL has made information the axis on which it spins, with bouts occurring within a “SmartCage” and streams brimming with fighter analytics like strike speed, power ratings, cardiac monitoring, and energy expended.

The PFL features a result knockout scoring system with customized scoring and incentives for an early victory. During the regular season, fighters fight twice under the result scoring system.

The top four fighters in each division by points progress to the playoffs. Each fight has three rounds, and the victor receives three points.

For victories via knockout or surrender, extra points are given. A combatant receives three extra points if they win their battle in the first round. Finishes in the second and third rounds result in scores of two and one.

A combatant receives six total points if they triumph in the opening round. They receive a five-point total for finishing in the second round and four points for finishing in the final round. The fight’s loser does not receive any points. In the event of a tie, each combatant receives one point.


The PFL follows the Unified Rules of MMA, much like the UFC and Bellator do. The PFL employs a seasonal format, one of the most excellent contrasts. Both an annual calendar of events and a rating system are absent.

The COVID-19 outbreak forced the cancellation of the PFL’s 2020 season. The bracket rankings are used to create matches in terms of bouts.

PFL champions have participated in the next season’s PFL games. Although they aren’t defending the championships they have won, they are, in a way protecting their title as champions.

The PFL’s previously mentioned scoring system differs from those other promotions’ regular 10-9 rounds.

One of the primary selling factors for the PFL has been how the combatants are treated. According to Bleacher Report, the PFL once changed the match time for MMA veteran Andre Harrison so that Harrison could attend his daughter’s birthday celebration.

This is a little incident, but it shows how unique the nascent combat organization is and what can help it advance in the future.

Challenger Series for PFL

A mixed martial arts competition in America is called PFL Challenger Series. A spot in the PFL race season and the chance to win $1 million will be up for grabs among young and promising male and female MMA competitors.

The PFL Challenger Series will feature a weekly guest stars panel made up of figures from television, movies, and sports.

NFL players Ray Lewis and Todd Gurley, as well as actors Jeremy Piven and Wiz Khalifa, were on the celebrity guest panel for the PFL Challenger Series’ 2021 inaugural broadcast.

From February 2022 through April 2022, the inaugural PFL Challenger Series was broadcast on FuboTV and Fubo Sports Network.


The PFL is a single-entity league owned by a group of investors that includes renowned sports and media figures like Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner, former NFL player Ray Lewis, and financial organizations like Ares Capital and Elysian Park Ventures.

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