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The Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love recently found himself in a bit of trouble. He had a bit of a tantrum on the court that resulted in the team giving up three free points to the Toronto Raptors. Kevin Love has now since apologized but is still facing criticism.

You have probably seen the recent outburst made by the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love the other day. The move was shocking considering how Love is off the court and it just seemed like a bad look for the entire organization. But for those who aren’t aware of the whole ordeal, let me fill you in.

What Started It All?

It was late in the third quarter in a close game against the Toronto Raptors and frustration was building. Apparently, Love had been arguing with the same few officials for quite some time leading up to this play. When he believed that he got fouled on the previous Raptors possession, all that anger boiled over. The referee passed him the ball so that he could inbound it to Darius Garland. But instead, Kevin just punched the ball out of the way. Continuing to bark at the officials over the non-call from just a few moments ago. Garland was the only one near the ball, with his positioning being awful at the time. This resulted in a Raptors player picking up the loose ball and drain a three-pointer.

He Faced Backlash For His Actions

Obviously, fans heckled him relentlessly over his tantrum with people calling it childish and unacceptable and they are correct. For a young team that was currently missing seven players due to injury, they need all the veteran leadership that they can get. Love having an outburst that eventually hurt their team didn’t help. Their head coach J.B. Bickerstaff came out and stated that it was simply a lapse of judgment. While mentioning that Love did take the time to address his team and apologize for his poor decision-making.

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Kevin also said that the incident had nothing to do with him being unhappy with the Cavaliers. Speculation has been building for a while now that Love wanted to be put onto a different team. He said that he has nothing but respect for his head coach along with all of his teammates. Also stating that he would ride or die for all of those guys on the roster.

Kevin Love Isn’t This Type Of Person

If anybody has ever followed Kevin Love, you would know that this isn’t something that he does regularly. In my opinion, it didn’t even seem like he intended for the ball to go in bounds. However, it was a stupid thing to do even if he was angry at the referees. Love believes that all of his fellow teammates and staff members have accepted his apology. With the team hoping that they can end the season on a high note. Hopefully, Love can set a better example for the team’s younger guys moving forward.


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