Elijah Bryant
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Elijah Bryant is still drenched in the happiness of winning the NBA title. Four months ago it was a dream for him to be a champion of the NBA. He was living with his family in Israel playing for the team Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Israel Premier League.

Bryant was unaware of the glory he will be having soon. After becoming an NBA star, his fans went gaga over the pictures and videos he shared with his wife and son on his Twitter account.

Bryant celebrated his big moment with his family

It was an adorable sight to watch the former BYU basketball standout rolling around on the floor and playing with his one-year-old son Blu Bryant in the after-match celebrations. 

The 26-year-old and his family are still feeling cheerful about his NBA title as he interviewed this week and said,

“It still doesn’t seem real. I haven’t had time to soak it all in. When I have some time to think about it, no matter what, I’ll be an NBA champion for the rest of my life.”

Elijah Bryant with family
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Elijah Bryant’s journey from BYU to NBA 

Bryant’s agent told him that he was optimistic for the star to confirm a deal for the playoffs with the Milwaukee Bucks team.

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Bryant said: “I was trying to focus on being a professional and just being where my feet are at. I was excited that something like that could happen, but I didn’t want to believe it until it was true. I was focused on playing in Israel. But we got it figured out. Literally, two days later we packed up our whole house and were on our way to Chicago.”

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Milwaukee became his first NBA team after he left BYU in 2018. 

Bryant’s NBA performance

In the season finale against the Chicago Bulls Bryant’s performance was exceptional. He scored 16 points, picked three rebounds, and dished out three assists. 

During this amazing journey of Bucks to NBA glory in 50 years, Bryant played in a total of 11 games and scored 14 points in limited duty. He got his hand injured in the warmups of the 6th match and couldn’t play the game.

Due to a splendid performance of Giannis Antetokounmpo the team got a victory in their 6th match.

Even though he has spent a little time with the team, he feels himself to be a great part of the win.

“People don’t understand,” Bryant said. “The guys on the bench, the front office, and the staff all make sacrifices. The end of the game was so emotional. You dream of playing in the NBA and making it all the way to win a championship, it’s so surreal. It was super special for my family to be there. That’s what it’s all about.”

What’s next for the NBA champion?

Bryant told his fans that his hand would heal soon and he will join the Bucks summer league in the upcoming week.

He will also be hosting a basketball camp in Orem from August 20-21.


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